Nationals Baseball: February 2005

Monday, February 28, 2005

Where am I going? Where have I been?

Anybody catch that was a reworking of the "Bo Revere" lyrics from the subliminal advertising episode of Saved By The Bell? (SBTB to the true Bell Fans, or should I say Bell Nation? That's one good thing about the Nats, saying "Nationals Nation" sounds stupid enough that people won't pick it up. Of course they'll rework it into Nationals Country or The Nationals-Hungary Empire, but they won't be ____ Nation, by god. )

Anyway the point of this post is to inform my numerous (re: 4) readers where I've been for the past month. Well I've moved on up to a deluxe website in the sky. Weezy and I are now located at the Most Valuable Network. Good site, good writers. You should check me out on my self-imposed schedule of every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And of course read the Nationals version of George Will (but I doubt as sexy as old George. Rowr!) Jean-Pierre Allard.

I didn't mention this earlier because I was waiting to make sure it would stick. It did. I was also hoping to have come up with something to do with this website, because I think it looks pretty slick. I've got baseballs for each of my post titles! How is anything cooler than that? Anyway I haven't come up with anything. Something but I'm not sure what. I'll keep the Expos website going with the infrequent Expos/Montreal specific posts. I feel mentioning that stuff in a Nats blog is kind of petty.

I was reminded to make this post when reading Nationals Pastime and finding out he was moving on up to. Woo hoo! Big American Party! And I agree with him totally, none of us are a Ball Wonk.

So that's it - update your links, teach the children, scare the old people, whatever.