Nationals Baseball: May 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The ring is the thing

The Nats gave up and gave out revealed rings in a virtual ceremony this weekend.  I can't find a link to it but if you care enough to watch it should be out there (and I say should in the - that's what the Nationals should do - put it out there).  They also played a home-made "season" documentary which you can watch on  

I put "season" in quotes because it's more a post-season documentary that uses the season for a little bit of set-up but hey, it's something.

Anyway here are the rings and they are... modern sports championship rings. That means they are overstuffed and overdesigned and diamonds are put in every empty spot. They are ugly but beautiful to those that matter at the same time. Some thoughts
  • The encircled Curly W was obviously meant to mimic the logo, and I guess using red, instead of silver (or platinum of whatever) for the circle would have looked gaudy* but why no red gemstones on the x-axis to represent the stars in the logo? 
  • The underside it the best part but I always question adding the series records on a ring.  No one cares who you beat or how you did it. IOW - bigger Baby Shark! 
  • "Go 1-0 everyday"? Sure.
  • Individualized DC side with name and number is nice
  • The trophy logo on side with a bit of Nats park is fine, but that makes two trophies on the ring which is one too many. Fight Finished is to me the better slogan and really only one slogan on the top of the ring is enough.  Other one should have been relegated to the underside. 
But again - this is a championship ring.  Complaining about it is like complaining about a Liberace outfit 

What about all the rest? If you are spending more than $50 on something here you are a different person than I am.

I will say a championship ring copy is something I'm not into. You weren't on the team. At the very least wait for the cheap in game promotion. It's why I celebrate the 1942 Cardinals.

Baseball is taking the first baby steps to reopening with a couple of voluntary workouts. The money issues seem to be working out (with a lot of deferred cash being the final answer).  Will we have a season?  I don't know but we might have a start of one?  Honestly we sit here and watch Korea and Germany and Japan - three countries that got the virus under control and we see if they can do it. If they can't there's no way we can.  If they can, well there's a chance. I'm not enthused though. We are acting as if we've got it under control when really we don't.

*yes, as if worrying about being gaudy was part of the thought process here.

Tuesday, May 05, 2020


1-0 baby! 

As the season went on more guys signed and some guys moved so I've updated the rosters. The most famous player on here is almost certainly Dan Straily. Still no Nats. There do see to be bunches of players from teams. Mets, Orioles. I imagine one guy goes over and then says "Hey come over it's fine" Anyway here you go.

Doosan Bears - Raul Alcantara, Chris Flexen, Jose Fernandez

Hanwha Eagles Chad Bell, Warwick Saupold, Jared Hoying

Kia Tigers Aaron Brooks, Drew Gagnon, Preston Tucker

Kiwoom Heroes Jake Brigham, Eric Jokisch,Taylor Motter

KT Wiz , William Cuevas, Odrisamer Despaigne, Mel Rojas Jr

Lotte Giants Adrian Sampson, Dan Straily, Dixon Machado

LG Twins Casey Kelly, Roberto Ramos, Tyler Wilson,

NC Dinos Aaron Altherr, Mike Wright, Drew Rucinski,

Samsung Lions David Buchanan, Tyler Saladino, Ben Lively,

SK Wyverns Nick Kingham, Ricardo Pinto, Jamie Romak,