Nationals Baseball: Elijah Dukes released?!?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Elijah Dukes released?!?!

Do what now?
"We like some of our other options in right field, really," Riggleman said. "Elijah was great."

My quick thoughts:

The Nats must have thought that Elijah had been completely figured out by opposing pitchers and was not making the necessary corrections fast enough to play this season.

The other options they like so much aren't all that great. As noted elsewhere Morse is probably the best bet to start and to perform but he's a 28 yr old with limited success so far. Should he be ok? Yeah. Could he suck? Yeah. Willie Harris is also a solid choice and would give the Nats a pretty good defensive outfield while not taking away much from last year's offense (not adding much either but that's not the point... I guess). The other guys Maxwell, Bernadina, are filler.

Another idea has this as a move to keep Desmond on the team... in the outfield. Crazy? Probably.


Dave Nichols said...

if this moves Desmond to RF I will revolt.

Harper said...

After following the team for this long that's what would make you revolt? (although I guess you could have revolted several times already)

Rizzo seems to get what he wants (above Riggleman) and it's Riggleman that seemed to suggest an OF shot for Desmond. Rizzo didn't exactly shoot down Ian in the OF in the spring, but said he'd be an "everday shortsop" somewhere.

So I wouldn't worry. Then again, this is the Nats.

cass said...

So who becomes our new offensive key now? Or is this season's door just locked for good?

Harper said...

Whoever takes Dukes place will very likely be it, assuming it's a rookie or a full time Willie Harris. Or Ian Desmond if he makes the team over Guzman. We just don't know what to expect from those types and the performance at those positions were crappy enough that they could make the offense better in 2011.

Really though there isn't anyone currently slated to start that I don't feel pretty good about knowing where they are going to end up. And based on last year's stats the Nats would pretty much be in the same spot as last year. That's not a bad thing - the offense middle of the road last year. But releasing Dukes basically kills the idea that the offense is going to be much better than last year. (barring a signing or two)

Hoo said...

I'm guessing it was a combo of Dukes being a cancer and him not performing. You can deal with the unpleasantness if a player is good enough. But Dukes wasn't worth the headache.

I think it's a mistake (Morse or Harris?), but maybe team unity will go.

BTW, the Nats brass are officially saying spring stats are important...

Harper said...

Hoo - actually I think they are saying spring stats are important if we want them to be important.