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Friday, March 05, 2010

Trying to have fun

If only I could be this way...

OK listen. It's obvious now that I was wrong about needing another starter. Both Mock and Martin are ready to fill out the rotation NOW! My new worry is how the Nats are going to fit everyone in the staff when Strasburg is ready and Zimmermann comes back, but let's cross that bridge when we come to it. Its also obvious that Martis is a complete WASTE of a contract and should be dumped immediately. Stop wasting time on this guy! While Storen is going to be AWESOME, I'm REALLY worried about the pen. Bruney sucks, Capps sucks, Guardado sucks, Villone sucks. I think Kensing might shift well into the 8th inning role, but who else? This is baaaaad!!!!!

Offensively I'm even more worried the Nats will have the WORST outfield in the whole league. Morgan, Harris, Dukes, Morse, Dukes they all can't hit!!! Hammer, where are you?!?!?! If the Nats are smart they'll look at Jerry Owens some more, that kid can RAKE, but when have the Nats been smart? Worse yet Dunn is DONE! Forget long term deals, can the Nats cut him today? Josh Whitesell is the future and the longer the Nats deny this the stupider they look. The ONLY brightside is that Desmond is going to be a STUD. Maybe he can carry the offense with Zimmerman?

I'm at a loss though - this team would be LUCKY to win 59 games. It's going to be a loooong year.

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Anonymous said...

The sky is, in fact, falling. 0-162: Here. We. Come!

Section 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Harper, Harper, It is the "first game" of the spring training season. Wait until the end of March for the Chickern Little routine. You had me laughing until Kensing. That guy did not have a single quarter decent outing in the bigs. He is a waste of time.

Harper said...

Anon: 0-162? You'll be lucky if the team doesn't fold this season!

Sec0983425809: Feeling good until Kensing came along? Not the first person to say that.

Hoo said...

I'm not sure how you can call yourself a Nats blogger unless you weigh in on the Morse vs Duncan debate. Which one?

But all kidding aside, I always enjoy seeing how some of the kids do in their first camps. I don't hold much weight but it's still pleasing that Storen has looked sharp and Desmond is still hitting.

I don't care much for the vets (although continual spring suckage is cause for a great deal of concern. That's #5 on things that the Daniel Cabrebara era taught me).

Harper said...

Hoo - Morse.

Anonymous said...

Now, there's some improvement in the blog. It really needs some more exclamation marks!!! Three or four after every sentence really makes for clear writing!!!!!

Also, more blogs named after flowers.