Nationals Baseball: Your Spring Training record doesn't matter

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Your Spring Training record doesn't matter

Just look at last year. The worst teams were the Diamondbacks, the Padres, the Astros,... the Orioles, the Indians... uh oh.

(ok Philly was 13-19 but still. Let's be honest though, the Nats don't need to be GOOD this year. Just around 70 wins. Even a horrible spring would be about right. )


Hoo said...

Are you saying Strass is already feeling pressure to stop our losing streak?

How impressive is Justin Maxwell this spring? Leading the team in Runs scored, walks and Stolen bases. Just imagine how good is spring is if he had a BA higher than .0000!

I think most of spring is meaningless. Despite being the best hitter, Desmond is most likely Syracuse bound. But I feel a lot better about the fact that he's still showing some power.

I'm also very happy that Willie Taveras is displaying the talents that made his signing just a waste of money. If we want, no-hit speed, Maxwell or Bernie is our man.

Harper said...

I like that take. Rather than worry about who's getting the 5th starter spot or the last spot on the bench, why not use the Spring to root against the guys you know that suck so they don't screw the team in the regular season. In that case - let's hope hte Nats get shelled today.