Nationals Baseball: Strasburg effective in... win?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strasburg effective in... win?

Huh? At least he was sent down for breaking the pattern. You don't mess with the program!

Other thoughts:

Shhhh Ian Desmond only 2 hits in last 5 games and none for XB Shhh!

I've thought about it some more and what is it with the Nats and outfielders?

You there, learn to take a walk!
But that's not how I pla..

You there, play well whenever we decide to put you in!
But I'm hur...

You there, learn to play CF!
But I'm not really a center...

You there, act like a grown up!
OK I think I'm doing a good job matur...

Look out Nyjer Morgan, they're about to ask you to hit home runs and you are cut if you can't do it.

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