Nationals Baseball: Wait, when was this decided?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wait, when was this decided?

We knew it was Lannan and Marquis, but Mock and Olsen already pencilled in at #3 and #4? I must have missed something.

Not that it matters - we're talking Zimmermann and Strasburg placeholders here but still what's being seen here?


Hoo said...

Isn't Mock the key to pitching? For whatever reason, the org is gonna give him every chance to succeed whether a starter or a reliever. The club believes in his talent. Unfortunately, opposing hitters don't.

Don't forget Wang and Ross!

cass said...

The club has said that if Olsen is healthy, he'll be in the rotation. So that slot is his. I imagine if he turns out not to be healthy, they'll Patterson him and bring up another one of the 5th starters

As for Mock, they've been hinting all Spring that he's their favorite of the kids. I think they like that he's cut down on the BBs. But I imagine he's on a short leash since they got other guys they can use.

And, of course, at least one of the five spots will be temporary due to Strasburg. Possibly another if Wang gets healthy, but I can't say I'm terribly bullish on that.

Harper said...

I guess the point is that I'm fine going with Mock & Olsen. One crappy duo is the same as any other. I'm just not sure how they reached that decision so fast. They must have been, as you guys say, leaning toward these two to begin with (and I seem to remember that for Olsen as cass notes - I just wasn't sure that his pitching in the Spring has shown him to be healthy)

Oh well maybe now Mock and Olsen can start working on other things; backing up home plate, handing the ball off to the manager, bullpen antics that work well in the 5th inning...

Hoo said...

An ERA over 7 and a fastball that tops at 86 earns you a starting rotation bid in the spring if you're Olsen.

But if you're dukes and struggle at the plate early, you're gone!

But i think these are both strictly baseball decisions.

In all fairness to Mock, I do think he's been among the best of the also rans in terms of getting a spot in the rotation due to spring performance. I'm skeptical of him but it will be nice to know once and for all what he can do.

Mattteo said...

I think in Mocks case they need to come to some final conclusion with him. He's getting to an age where he is no longer a prospect and its time to put up or shut up. Scouts love his stuff but he nibbles too much. I luad the idea of putting him in the rotation and tell him to go after guys and don't fear your spot in the rotation for a while. If he flops, AAA him or trade him for a bucket of shiny new baseballs. If he succeeds your looking at another addition to a what could be a really nice starting rotation NEXT year with Lannan, Strasburg, Marquis, Zimmermann, and then Mock at the 5. That could be a great 1-5 if it all plays out. Could even remind you of Atlantas young rotation back in the day.

Harper said...

I guess at 27 (in a month) that is true. Put up or shut up time for Mock. I hope it's talent, though and not age that's driving this.

As for that rotation if those top 4 pitch like they can - #5 could be (and should be) anyone.