Nationals Baseball: Yay! Games! Boo! Not real ones!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yay! Games! Boo! Not real ones!

There's nothing out there is there? Sometimes, I feel like I'm picking through a Thanksgiving turkey carcass in mid December. An interview with Rizzo where the first 4 questions and answers could be word for word cut and pasted into every team preview in the league? Jesus. To quote:

"The early returns from Spring Training are positive. Guys are getting their work in. We are seeing a progression in the pitching department. Of course, the pitching is ahead of the hitting. We are starting to see the position players swing the bat a little bit better. It's just good seeing guys moving around and getting ready to play the games."

Add in some racism and misogyny and this could have been taken from "Scoops" McGillicutty interviewing "Ol' Sarge" Street about the 1938 St. Louie Browns.

Spring Training reporting does stink. Spring Training blogging is even worse. The "on the field" info from last year mainly gets blown over the early off-season and holidays. The Hot Stove info gets used up by the time pitchers and catchers hit the field. Now it's just wheel spinning until the season starts. There's still good stuff out there, sure, but Spring Training is made for fluff "getting to know you" interviews. Feel good banality. These are the dog days of baseball blogging.


Hoo said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm ok. Just a bit bruised and shaken up after the Martis bandwagon had a horrific crash this afternoon. I'm not sure it's reparable.

I've hitched a ride of the JD Martin Express for now.

Sec314 said...

I'm always glad to have company on the JD Martin Express.

If not for Livan, I'd have put money on Martin making the rotation. Now I'm just waiting for Olsen to join Patterson and Hill in the Spring castoff pile....

Hoo said...

I think Martin is pegged by the organization as a AAA lifer, spot-starter. Mock, Stammen and the other competition would have to implode for him to make it (Any odds on Mock imploding?). But I'm rooting for him and thought his was one of the better storylines last year.

Our gracious host gamely sunk with the USS Ballystar last spring.

Harper said...

Hoo - That wasn't a bandwagon crash that was a movie style multiple roll-over down a canyon followed by an explosion. You're lucky to be alive. I suggest some rest and a secured seat in the Strasburg BandHummer.

Sec314 - Come on, Olsen hasn't been that injruy prone during his career (he also hasn't been as good as those other guys but let's not worry about that)