Nationals Baseball: Again I'll say it

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Again I'll say it

If the bullpen has to pitch 5 innings per game it won't matter how good it could be. The good guys will get tired and the bad guys will pitch too often.


bdrube said...

They'll be bad tired? Heck, they're bad right now fresh. At this point only three of them (Clippard, Bruney and Capps) even look like they belong on a Major League roster.

Paul Kelly said...

Three more than appeared last year

Paul Kelly said...

That's three more than last year, bdrube.

Harper said...

It's not really three more than last year but it IS two more than they started with.

Like I said the difference is that they (maybe) found their three so games they should win will be locked down. It's all those other games that'll get away from them, but it's still an improvement.

Hoo said...

I'm not too worried about our pen barring the inevitable Clippard injury.

Clippard is our best reliever (2nd year in a row) and he can work multiple innings. Walker/Batista/J-Berg(Gary Matthews JR is good for what ails a pitcher) will get the call when we're behind. And Burnett gets spot appearances against lefties!

I'm assuming English goes down on Thursday but I like that Riggleman is giving him chances.

The only flaws are when Clippard pitched the 5/6th the day before and they need Bergy/Walker to get to the 8th with a lead!

I'd guess that Stammen/Mock/Storen might supplant Batista/Walker/Bergy in the pen later this year.

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