Nationals Baseball: I must have driven through a dimensional warp

Friday, April 02, 2010

I must have driven through a dimensional warp

I take one eleven hour car ride and look what happens. When the cats away, the dumb people in charge of the Nats will play.

We've gone over Willy a couple times. Say here. And here.

Just to throw another factoid

Harris v Lefties: .201 / .288 / .303
Taveras v Lefties: .262 / .309 / .326
Morse v Lefties: .324 / .376 / .449

What's the thought process here?
"We can't start this guy vs lefties he sucks!"
"We can start this guy over here! He sucks slightly less!"
"Great idea! This is your best call since Kenny Kelly! You've done it again!"

Of course a better explanation is that some time yesterday I crossed a dimensional boundary and entered a new realm where Willly Tavares hits .280 / .340 / .400. (even in other dimensions that's the best Willy can do) fields like Willie Mays and steals bases like a young Tim Raines.

Yes. That's the better explanation.

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