Nationals Baseball: It's only game two...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's only game two...

Now whether you choose to read that as "everyone has a bad two game stretch" or "there's 160 more games of this crap?" is up to you.


bdrube said...

Lessee...292-438 since the All Star break in 2005. I know which way I'm leaning.

(That is a winning % of EXACTLY .400, BTW).

Hoo said...

I'm starting to think my October calendar is going to be clear.

And I'm also starting to think that the team might not be very good. Pudge, Morse, Kennedy, Pitcher isn't going to produce a lot as a back 4.

Bryan said...

First: Its the Phils.

Second: This team, for whatever reason, starts slow every year.

Third: .400 winning % overall, on the backs of a .200 winning % over the first 40 games or so every season.

Fourth: An MLB analyst on 95.7FM here in Philly said its good that the Phils get the Nats early, because they are going to be much better later in the season when their rotation features Wang, Marquis, Strasburg & Lannan.

May 4 was smoke, but I tend to agree that they'll be better.

I know how Harper just loves comparisons like #3.

I think 1 & 2 hold real weight, though.