Nationals Baseball: Stray Nats Thoughts

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stray Nats Thoughts

I'm out o' town and my thoughts are in other places than the Nats but some stray thoughts to let you know... I'm thinking about ya!

Mock Down I think I said before something like "start Mock for a month and if he isn't ready send him down and don't look back". Well imagine that by a "month" I meant a "day" and you have the Nats' view. I've never been a fan of Mock but this seems premature doesn't it? I'm getting freakin' tired of this.

It's not about Mock, so much. He could surely be bad enough to send back down. That's not the point. It comes down to this: If the Nats felt strongly enough to let Mock start and a mere one start later feel strong enough to send him down then it seems to me that they have no idea what they are doing. It's nice they can correct their mistakes, but they shouldn't be making so many obvious ones to begin with.

Morse Down, Bernandina Up Just let the guy start. What does it matter? Is Willie Harris the future? Is Willy Taveras? AND NOT FOR 2 GAMES THEN SEND HIM DOWN ACTING LIKE YOU DID SOMETHING SMART.

Super-Sub Guzman I realize Guzman has had a nice start but does this team really need to get Guzman as many at bats as possible?

I think it does.

Dye says no Whatever. It's his choice. The Nats aren't a playoff team and are on the other side of the country from his family. But I have a problem with this
When you get offers from a lot of teams that are in the $1 million range, that's a negative in itself, no matter what
You can't say something like that. Especially right after talking about the economy being tough. Rich people.


Hoo said...

I have no problem with Mock getting sent down. He was on thin ice and given very little leeway. And he completely sucked last outing. I think the Nats are trying to raise the bar of expected performance and sending Mock sends a big message, not just to him. And really, it's not like Mock hasn't had a bunch of chances.

As for Morse/Bernie, I hope you mean given Bernie the starts now that he's up? B/c a gimpy Morse is useless to the team. He's rightfully on the DL and will return.

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