Nationals Baseball: Latest the Nats were over .500 the past 4 seasons

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Latest the Nats were over .500 the past 4 seasons

The Nats have a chance to make history today. They've had incredibly poor starts the past 4 years which have led to this interesting, maddening, sadtistic. These are the latest dates the Nats had been over .500 in the past 4 years

2009: n/a
2008: Game 5 (3-2)
2007: n/a
2006: n/a

Savor the most successful Nats team of the last half-decade!


Anonymous said...

I understand he will not keep up this pace, but honestly, Livo has been my favorite Nats pitcher since baseball came back to DC. Livan!!!11!

Hoo said...

I think the baseball standings are wrong. The left hand column is bigger than the right hand column. What does it mean?

I figure a Yankee fan/Sweetspot guide can explain what this weird algerbraic like equation indicates.

Harper said...

anon - if you don't love Livo you don't love life.

Hoo - I can tell you what's going on but it's not going to make anymore sense. It's like watching water catch fire.

Anonymous said...

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