Nationals Baseball: The inverse is also true

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The inverse is also true

I'll get to Marquis later but you know I can't pass up a good media beatdown. Rob Dibble, baseball savant, had a little piece in MASN praising the Nats start and some of the moves the team has made so far. The bit that caught my attention was this gem:

...and the best signing by far was Ivan "HOF" Rodriguez. His play is infectious. His desire is remarkable. The Nationals are lucky to have this perfect teacher to watch.

It's fine to praise Ivan Rodriguez for his job with Nats this year but you have to understand the totality of what you are saying. Dibble is dangerously close to crediting, at least in part, the Nats hot start to the "leadership" and "attitude" and "veteranosity"of I-Rod. If you do that though you are saying that none of the veterans previously on the Nats had the leadership qualities to make a team a winner.

In other words Aaron Boone, Julian Tavarez, Ron Belliard, Livan!, Paul Lo Duca, Ray King, Dmitri Young, Tony Batista, Robert Fick, Mike Stanton, Pedro Astacio, Joey Eischen, and Royce Clayton were all lousy leaders. Now that may be true (I'm looking at you Royce Clayton. I've taken my eyeball out of its socket and shoved it in your mouth Paul LoDuca) but do you really want to say that?

Also you are saying that either Pudge didn't care to show leadership or the teams he were playing for didn't care enough the past few years.

2008 Tigers: an underacheiving 53-52 when he was traded.
2008 Yankees: an underachieving 31-26 and failed to make playoffs.
2009 Astros: 57-61 at time of trade
2009 Rangers: 21-25 again failed to make playoffs

Now Dibble didn't explicitly give this credit yet, so consider this a warning shot for him and other people looking for an easy poorly thought out story.

If you are going to praise Pudge now for veteran nonsense, be prepared to explain why these other guys listed didn't have it, and why Pudge didn't seem to care to show his leadership the past two years.

(If you are going to praise Pudge now for a freaky good start then I'll agree with you - that's been really helpful)


Dave Nichols said...

will all the praise heaped upon Rodriguez still be there when has an inevitable 4-24 stretch in August cause he can't lift his arms anymore. he's on a pace to catch 140-plus games!

Kevin Reiss said...

As Dave can attest, follow-up questions based on the logic of Dibble's premise and seeking to question that premise will be met with hostility and an accusation that the questioner is "putting words in [Dibble's] mouth." In short, it's not worth engaging with anything Dibble says. Best just to ridicule and then move on.

Section 222 said...

There was so much to ridicule in today's broadcast (as there is almost every day) that it isn't even funny. Dibble will rationalize poor play by anyone he likes until such time as he feels like he needs to go off on someone for no particular reason. He cheerleads through grunts and groans and provides so little insight it's almost comical. If only my DVR could record Charlie and Dave I'd be happy to never listen to him again.

Harper said...

Dave: 140 hmmm? It's like it's 2003 all over again. Good thing he's powered purely on grit!

Kevin: Don't worry. I know Dibble was valedictorian in his class at "you haven't played the game" school. With those types - discussion is pointless because in their mind they'll always hold the trump card in any arguemnt.

TripDeuce: Makes me glad to be in an area where I can only get the radio guys.

Bryan said...

The one constant in the stats you post: I-Rod teams are alwasy around .500.


The stat you posted yesterday: Nats have been over .500 only once (Game 5) in the last 4 years.


Pudge is responsible for the .500 start!

Bryan said...

Oh, and I can write your Marquis post for you:

Marquis sucks. Boy was that a waste so far.

Harper said...

Bryan - Pudge is the Great Equalizer, quick trade him to the Phillies!