Nationals Baseball: But back comes almost super perfect

Friday, July 30, 2010

But back comes almost super perfect

Guzman is dealt! I have to believe they are eating a bunch of contract which is a good sign. Rather than pay the rest of his salary (like 3 million) for nothing but 60 games or so of below average infield play, they are paying 3million for control of a prospect or two. That's a smart move. Rizzo is equating himself nicely so far. Can he get Kennedy and maybe Livan out the door too? Pudge? Another fungible reliever?

UPDATE: Looks like Ryan Tatusko and Tanner Roark. Roark is the better prospect, but still not a good one. Maybe an ok one. He might be something but he seems to be in no hurry to develop into it. Which is ok because the Nats have no place to put him for the next year or so anyway. Tatusko looks to be minor league filler as he doesn't miss bats, walks too many, and success this year is solely based on keeping the ball in the park. Plus he's old.

Still anything for Guzman is a good deal

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Hoo said...

We know the worht of Guzie:

Not very impressive but seems like a fair price.