Nationals Baseball: Good news, bad news, Good news

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Good news, bad news, Good news

Good news : 4 homers!

Bad news : 7 runs. Although that's pretty standard for the Nats. They've hit 3 or more homers 5 times this year. The run totals in those games? 6, 5, 4, 6, and 7. It's also the first time all season the Nats have had back to back multi-homer games of 3 or more. Of course when they've only had 5, that makes sense.

Good news : Desmond since his short 2 game non-starting stint? .421 / .452 / .852, 2 homers, 2 doubles in 5 games started. Yes it's only one short stretch but I think it shows that a trip to the minors now might be a bit premature. I'm not saying he may not eventually need to go down this year, another 3 weeks of .100 hitting could be coming up, just not right now.

Vote Zim! (Then cheer politely when Votto deservedly wins the spot)


Hoo said...

Zim is publicly and internally lobbying to keep Dunn/W'ham. He doesn't want the team to rebuild again and the team would at best be in contention in 2012. Not sure you can replace 4/8 spots and count on an ancient catcher or an 30+CF who relies on his speed, which would be the Nats in 2011. Is it really possible that only Zim/Desmond return as the everyday players.

My guess is that Zim is throwing his weight around about keeping the heart of the team intact and make the run in 2011. If Marquis, and Z'nn come back, Nats will be just about there on the pitching front even excluding Lannan

Harper said...

I would be to. The team is a healthy rotation away from... well maybe .500 (is there a sure thing in the rotation? Even Strasburg we can't guarantee will be great next year) But it's a healthy rotation and a couple bats from over .500 and maybe contending. But that's contingent on losing nothing good.