Nationals Baseball: There goes super perfect

Friday, July 30, 2010

There goes super perfect

Jackson for Hudson deal has gone through - let me check my GM phone wiretap and see if I hear anything.

Kenny Williams: Ok we got Jackson. You want to trade now?

Mike Rizzo: Sure. Toss in Viciedo and we have a deal.

Kenny Williams: What are you talking about? Jackson is a proven major leaguer!

Mike Rizzo: He's older than Hudson and not in control for as long.

Kenny Williams: That's crazy.

Mike Rizzo: Take it or leave it.

Kenny Williams: Leave it.

Mike Rizzo: Fine.

Kenny Williams : Fine.

Epilogue : Jackson turns mediocre NL pitching into awful AL pitching, add that to the lack of power in the lineup the White Sox miss playoffs. Dunn walks after seasons end, no FA wants to sign with the Nats, hello 73 wins in 2011. Classic lose-lose situation.

(My guess is Rizzo does like Jackson more than Hudson. It was people that worked in Arizona with him that helped bring Jackson in. My second guess is that the White Sox are hoping this increase in interest will lead to the Nats going for a deal with a much lesser 2nd prospect included, the deal they probably were trying to foist on the Nats with Hudson. My third guess is that it doesn't happen - the Nats want two good prospects for Dunn and the White Sox can't make that deal or else it will be as if they added one more player to the deal they could have made with Hudson initially.)


Hoo said...

Guzie's gone. I can only assume Harper is drowning in champagne somewhere.

Be really surprised if Dunn is gone as well.

Harper said...

glug glug glug