Nationals Baseball: Hey hey! Go to a game!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Hey hey! Go to a game!

It's a nice weekend. Or at least a nice Friday night and Saturday before somehow DC becomes the center of the sun. Go to a game. Enjoy your Independence weekend. Independence from the idea that attitude matters more than talent. Independence from the idea that it's just a matter of effort.

Go out and watch a 70-75 win team try to win a game. Watch a young superstar, one of the best sluggers of this era, and a guy having a career year smack the ball around. Watch the most exciting pitcher in the game take the mound. Watch a soon to be hall of famer behind the plate take a few last cuts. Watch a young player at short try to raise his game. Watch a guy in right field quietly make himself into an everyday player. Watch and admire some competant relief pitching.

It's baseball. It's still fun even if this isn't a playoff team, or a .500 team.


Sec314 said...

Best post of the year.

I go to most of the games and even the losses are more fun than watching on TV

Kevin Trainor said...

Can't decide whether to go see the P-Nats tomorrow or line up for Strasmas. :/

Post linked at Beltway Baseball.

Harper said...

sec314 - yeesh - what kind of crap have I been serving up so far? Wait. Don't answer that.

Kevin - Hard to deny Strasmas especially if you haven't been. I've got a DC trip upcoming that I can schedule and you better believe Strasburg will be a deciding factor. Trying to hit up a minor league game myself this weekend. best part of July 4th weekend - everyone else watching fireworks while I scramble home in light traffic.

Anonymous said...

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