Nationals Baseball: Matt Capps? That's a joke.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Matt Capps? That's a joke.

I think Strasburg, Livan and Clippard are more deserving and that's just the pitchers!

Seriously - go vote Zimmerman and if you don't vote Zimmerman vote Votto who also got screwed. (as much as you can get screwed by not getting put into an exhibition game).

It's hard to screw up naming an All-Star team because usually you are picking from a pool of deserving players so Deserving Guy A or Deserving Guy B... what's it matter? But somehow Charlie Manuel managed to screw it up. Congrats. That takes skill.


Bryan said...

I'm not sure how Charlie Manuel screwed this up. My understanding is that Charlie hasn't picked any of these players.

Harper said...

Get your silly facts out of my comment area! I blame Charlie!

Harper said...

Oh and Charlie did pick Ryan Howard over Joey Votto, who leads him in every category. So... ummm... there.

DezoPenguin said...

I'm awed by how the players (who ought to know better) could pick Capps, who's not even the best *reliever* on the Nationals (to say nothing of Strasburg and Livan). Manuel picking Howard over Votto was homerism to an offensive degree--I can't even justify voting for Zimmerman (who absolutely deserves to be there, although given the quality seasons being had by Wright and Rolen, I'd argue that Willingham's omission is more glaring among Nats position players) because of how badly Votto got hosed.

And hey, Omar Infante? Utility guy who's OBP is basically his .300+ batting average with no power? Sounds kind of like a fellow the Nats have on their roster. I never knew that Cristian Guzman was All-Star material!