Nationals Baseball: TRADE TRADE TRADE

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


From the Washington Post:
He also said the Nationals have received calls from teams about veterans Wille Harris, Adam Kennedy and Cristian Guzman, players who would likely help a contender off the bench. He's also received inquiries about relievers other than Capps.
Say what you want about trading Dunn, Willingham, even Capps to some degree. But if teams have called in and inquired about these players and the Nats end up not dealing them, then we can start making fair comparisons between the incompetence of the last GM group and this one. (unless it's like the Mets saying - "Hey you want Oliver Perez for Jesse English?" - but come on we know it's not that. We know it's young minor leaguers without much of a future. But still - you buy the lottery ticket with the 1 dollar voucher that expires next week)


Hoo said...

Harris should be traded immediately for the first offer and it doesn't happen to be a real offer. Harris is blocking younger players at this pt. Kennedy is pretty much there as well (Hello, Pete Orr!)

Guzie is a bit more tricky. I think he'll probably have more trade value so Rizzo can mull over a few ofers and push back to see how much of the salary the Nats have to pay.

Harper said...

yeah - Guzman is probably sticking on salary eating, which is probably out of Rizzo's hands to some degree. So ok - if the Nats end up trading everyone but Guzman we can give Rizzo a pass and assume he would have if he could have.

Nate said...

Seriously, how does that conversation go?

GM: We're interested in Adam Kennedy...

Mike Rizzo: OK, we can have him there by game time.

GM: ...but, I haven't offered you anything yet.

MR: We'll take it. Paperwork should be in your inbox now. I threw in Willie Harris.

GM: Thanks....?

Harper said...

GM : "... ok that should take care of that, Mike. Oh before I go one of my players wanted me to tell you to say hey to Kenne..."

Rizzo : "OK you talked me into it!"

GM : "Talked you into wha..."

Rizzo : "Stop twisting my arm!"