Nationals Baseball: Just what they needed

Friday, May 07, 2010

Just what they needed

Working hard but last night was exactly what the Nats needed. Not the win, but the start. If Olsen is a legitimite starter now - even just middle of the rotation - that changes things in a very positive way for the Nats. I haven't made a run at the numbers - but the K's have been high, the walks have been low. One game is a fluke, two can be a super fluke, three is a pattern.

If there is any caution to be had it's that the last game he pitched before this one was not a dominant game. A stray double or home run and the shutout streak is suddenly two shutouts sandwiching a fair, but not great, start. Of course that's the point though - there were no doubles or HRs in that game. In fact only one XBH in the past 3 games. This is a pitcher who seems (again haven't taken a close look at the stats) completely in control.


beef said...

You see Hudson's post-game comments? What do you think of him saying, "He's got pretty good stuff but, let's be honest here: I don't think he's got no-hit stuff". Not sure what that means but, sounds like a sore loser. I was at the game and Olsen dominated. In complete control until the breakdown in the 8th. Also, look out if Dunn has truly found his stroke.

Hoo said...

Opposing players really don't like Olsen for whatever reason. The Dodgers said exactly the same thing but with BP comments. And they have a fair pt. I'd be interested to see what exactly Olsen is doing right now. His stuff isn't great and he doesn't have the ridiculous Livo location ability. Instead, he just seems to be hitting his spots really well and having great control. I think Olsen is having Lannan type control/results but better innate stuff than Lannan.

This is the year of the Nats. From the timely awesome start to save the BP, to the timely hitting. Willingham has cooled at about the same time Dunn has heated up. Just nice way to help each other.

Big night for Stammen with Detweiler/Stras getting close. Not sure there's room for Dett at this point unless Lannan continues to falter. And no room for Wang at all.

beef said...

If he keeps throwing shutout innings...I could careless the entire league hates him. ha.

Also notice that the two "aces" of the staff (lannan/marquis) are been by far the weakest. Where would this team be if the at least got half decent production frmo those two. I dont expect more than .500 baseball from this club, but seeing that makes your look forward to wacthing games

Harper said...

beef - I think you're held to your history. Olsen's been bad and not in the "Great but wild" sort of way. He's been hittable. Plus teams always think they can beat anyone. Olsen has to be good for a while before teams will think it's him and not them.

Hoo - I don't think this is a big night for Stammen. He's out unless they can put someone on the DL. (ok well maybe if he's awesome...)

Daniel Victor said...

I wasn't able to find contact info on the blog here, so forgive me for the off-topic comment.

I'm a community host for TBD, a new website that'll cover DC news and sports when we launch this summer, and I've been reaching out to many of the Nationals bloggers. We're looking to create a blogger network that, if it works how we think it will, could mean more traffic and a decent chunk of money for you.

Harper, can you send me an e-mail so I can explain myself better? It's obviously more complicated than that, but I'd really like to tell you more about it. I'm at Thanks.

And incidentally, against potentially better judgment, I continue to believe Olsen actually is as good as he looked as a rookie, when he was actually striking people out. His K/9 by year since 2006: 8.3, 6.8, 5.0, 8.4. It's early, but I'd say that's a good sign.