Nationals Baseball: Nothing from nothing leaves nothing

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing

Nats get Jonny "Lost my H" Gomes for Chris Manno "War" and Bill "The Anvil" Rhinehart.

Yes the only way I can make this trade interesting is coming up with dumb nicknames for everyone (though I kind of like the Manno "War" one)

Chris is the best piece here. He's having a very nice year in A-ball and lefty arms are always of interest to major league teams. He's a little old for A-ball and relievers are a dime a dozen but still seems like a worthwhile guy to have in the organization.

Rhinehart is nothing special. He's having a good year true, but he's had a bunch of bad ones and is pretty old for AA. We're sitting here worrying if Ian Desmond can get it together now and Rhinehart is basically a year older. Maybe he shows something next year in AAA and can get to the show at 28... just when he should be slowing down. More likely he's an occasional fill-in call-up at best.

I like Gomes better than Rhinehart. Gomes is basically a proven lefty masher. He can't hit righties. He can't field. He's 30. He'd make a fine platoon for Nix but what of it?

Fangraphs speculates that the Nats are hoping to get a draft pick from this deal (by having Gomes decline arbitration and get signed) Ummm ok? I mean I see that but wouldn't you be satisfied with a guy like Manno coming from the level of pick you get from this? You won't be happy, but if Manno becomes a decent lefty reliever for 5+ years, which is entirely possible, I think you'd be satisfied with that.

It doesn't hurt the Nats but I don't see how it helps them either. Of course it could be step one in some other deal. I guess....

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