Nationals Baseball: Miami Mark

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Miami Mark

More tomorrow but the Marlins just signed Mark Buehrle.  Does it matter for the Nats? Yes.  Should you feel bad?  Not really.  Yes the fans want playoffs but there is still one big step to take to get there (not to mention the avoidance of bad luck).  The Nats seem to have what it takes to make that big step but not for one more year at least. And if you love great pitching, next offseason is the one that could have the big pitching prizes.  Of course you don't know which will test FA but if the Nats improve and play their cards right they could set up the leagues best rotation on paper for 2013-2016.


Hoo said...

A ding but not a major ding. However, Miami has made major upgrades while the Nats have stood pat. That's a little frustrating given that the Nats payroll wasn't huge to start and some of the bigger contracts came off (pudge!). Interested to see what else shakes out but right now the Marlins have reall made strong strides and seem pretty comparable to nats on paper with Johnson/Buerhle a pretty nice duo to match Strass/Znn.

Anonymous said...

You see the money Buehrle just got? I'm beyond happy the Nationals didn't shell that out for an average-at-best pitcher.

Ollie said...

Honestly I think they're better off signing Oswalt anyway.

Oswalt's ERA last four years:





(Average ERA of 3.52)






(Average: 3.87)

Yes Oswalt's bad back last season makes it more of a gamble that he'll be the innings eater they want, but he was still effective for (most) of the 139 innings he pitched last year. But we have three young starters who can step into the rotation and spot start if he does have to miss a few games. That gives them experience while we have a veteran former All-Star pitcher for 130-150 innings at a lesser price and less years than Buerhle. They're backing into the better signing.

And hell, if the Marlins are going to throw Pujols $200 million why not the Nationals? Sure you have a potentially abysmal contract for at least the last 2 years (and possibly longer) but you likely get 3-4 years of an All-Star/Gold Glove first baseman and it instantly vaults the Nats into (greater) respectability and contention for the division. They'll compete for that a year or two earlier than expect while more of their young talent comes up through the pipeline (none of whom are first basemen, though I could see Norris being moved there since his defense at catcher supposedly sucks). Ownership has the money (though I don't expect them to use it). And, while we're in the midst of this dream scenario, it's entirely possible to trade him (while picking up part of the remaining contract) when his defense declines to below average 4-5 years down the road to an AL team in need of a DH, picking up some decent prospects along the way.

Of course it's easy to play GM from the couch, with someone else's money.

Harper said...

Hoo - the worst part about it is that the Marlins got him. Interdivision rivals getting better is never any good.

Anon - he's better than average. He's like a Top 30-35 pitcher in the majors for the combination of good pitching and innings that he gives a team. Now, is that worth what the Marlins paid? Depends on where you think you are I guess. I'd say it made more sense for the Nats than the Marlins.

Ollie - AL/NL Ollie. Given the leagues they were in they were pretty much the same over the last 4 seasons. Buehrle consistently a little better but had an off year in 2010 while Oswalt was great that season. But I agree - if the contract is cheaper by year and has less years - it's better for the Nats.

As for Pujols (which is obviously dead now) - he wanted a no-trade which kills any super long term deal to an NL team.

Anonymous said...

Nats are going after Cepesdes. I think they have to be. They never really needed a SP as bad as they need a centerfielder. Look for them to spend 45 million on posting fee alone.