Nationals Baseball: Plan K : sign Ankiel to play center

Monday, February 06, 2012

Plan K : sign Ankiel to play center

Actually not a terrible signing, as long as the role he plays is appropriate. It's a minor league deal, like the one for Cameron so if the Nats decide to go in another, more productive, direction they can let these guys go, or keep one for the bench or whatever.  But don't kid yourself about Ankiel, he's not the lefty bat off the bench Davey wants. He doesn't get on base, he doesn't hit for average, and he's living off reputation in terms of being a power hitter. He hasn't hit for good power in years.That had been, in no small part, to being absolutely useless versus lefty pitchers, but last year he didn't even slug righties well.

No, Ankiel would be a defensive replacement primarily, much like Cameron. Which is fine.  You can have that as the last guy on the bench, just not as the last guy in the regular batting order.


Donald said...

I read an interesting article about the Nationals trading with the Angels for Bourjos. It sounded like we don't really have anything they need except for maybe catching. The article didn't think that Flores would be enough, though. Would you trade Ramos and Lannan for Bourjos, assuming that means you are relying on Flores as your starter and maybe Pudge as back-up? Would that even get the deal done?

Harper said...

Now that's an interesting idea. Does Ramos get you Bourjos? I think it should. Catcher is a harder spot to fill than CF, and there is no advantages age wise or contract wise one way or the other. Bourjos does give you that speed on the bases that Ramos wouldn't but I think the difficulty in filling a catcher role would take precendent over that.

Would I do it? No. Flores hasn't yet shown he can hit consistently in the majors and isn't the fielder Ramos is. If he fails then you've just created a hole that you might not be able to fill for years - if ever. You can slap a good fielding CF that hits a bit below average out there (even though the Nats make that look impossible). You can't do that with a C. Those that don't start are usually terrible hitters.

natsfan12 said...

what is your opinion about the mark Teahen signing?

Blind Squirrel said...

The Nats are putting them selves in a bad spot by not finding a solution in CF. If Harper starts in right there will be a lot balls falling in the gaps with Werth in center. A platoon of Cameron, Ankiel and/or Bernhadina is a deadspot in the lineup. Bourjos would be a great pickup but Ramos is not going anywhere. I would like to see the Nats move Flores and minor leaguer to the Yankees for Brett Gardner. I think he would fit nicely between Desmond and Zim at the top of the order.

Harper said...

natsfan12 - I honestly can not figure out what he brings that the Nats want. A lefty bat? ok but it's a bad one. A corner IF? Ok, but he's nothing special. Not even a guy with a great past - just one good year.

BlindSquirrel - you're right but you have to hope that they are looking that as something to solve before 2013. Yankees like Gardner for what he is. THe only way they deal him is if Mason Williams progresses quickly.