Nationals Baseball: Crisis averted! (Possibly)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crisis averted! (Possibly)

Danny Espinosa doesn't have a major injury.  It's just a bruise and he'll be shot up with cortisone and sent out there to play. Great! Two things though

(1) Just because cortisone seemed to work perfectly for Zimmerman, does not mean it will work perfectly for Espinosa. You have to assume it'll help, why else would they give it to him, but don't assume it's going to be the miracle cure it was for Ryan.

(2) The Nats and "accurately figuring out the seriousness of injuries" have not been the best of friends. Look at the last two minor injuries. Morse, who should be back today, was only going to miss a couple of days. He missed a week. Desmond was fine, then not serious, then ending up having a extra-long weekend off.  Ok those are just a couple days, but it's part of a larger pattern. Hell, that's not the only injuries this year with these two players I can point to, lest you forget Ian's oblique "strain" that definitely wasn't going to end up on the DL, that was actually a tear and he then ended up on the DL but only for a couple of weeks MAYBE, which he ended up coming back from about a month later? Or Morse's going to be ready for Opening Day or soon after?  (He came back in June).  The Nats doctors seem to assume best case in all scenarios.

Just some food for thought.

Meanwhile the Braves lose. OMG! I thought they were going to win forever! It's OVER. OVEROVEROVEROVEROVER.


Froggy said...

Yay! Good news re, Espy!

He seems like a pretty tough that you would probably have to tie him down to keep him from playing anyway. Don't you think it highlights the need for an extra SS/2B (besides your favorite guy) going forward?

I think the guys will come out and crush it during today's twin-bill with the Dodgers.

Kevin Rusch said...

Well, the Morse thing isn't quite as bad as you put it. he missed 3 games. He also got 3 days off in the middle, but that's not his or his doctor's fault.

Donald said...

Okay, so calling it over is easy. Now's the harder guess -- when do the Nats officially clinch the division? I think the magic number is 10. The Nats have 16 games remaining and the Braves have 13.

I think it goes down to the final weekend of the season with the Nats clinching in St.Louis. This is the second to last series, since both teams finish with a Mon/Tues/Wed string. I have the Nats finishing out at 7-9 for 96 wins and the Braves finishing 7-6 for 92 wins. The Reds finish with 96 wins as well with the Nats taking the #1 seed due to their better head to head record.

calindc said...

I don't know what kind of doctors they have, but mine never tells me, "you'll be better in 35 days" It's always the "3-5 weeks deal".

Reminds me of my wife asking me when I will be home. I tell her between 7 and 8, so she's automatically assumes it will be 7 and when I get home at 7:15....I'm late and it's my fault for not telling her.

Harper said...

I don't see where they can bring in someone at this point in the year. It does point toward getting someone else for 2013... unless they think Rendon is going to be ready.

Rusch - yeah I mean the recent ones were just kind of a day or two longer than initially thought. That happens all the time. But because it seemingly happens for EVERY injury the Nats have it gets annoying.

Donald - I say the 30th.

calindc - with the Nats history it's more like you went to the doctor and he took a quick look and said you'd be fine. Then after the tests came back, he had you in and said 3-5 weeks. Then you were healthy again a little over 2 months later.

Always tell your wife 15-30 minutes later than necessary. She won't really care and you'll always be home early.

Zimmerman11 said...

Are we starting a pool on Clinch Day? I'll put a beer down on 9/29 :)

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