Nationals Baseball: Friday Free For All (well free depending on how you view the cost of internet)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday Free For All (well free depending on how you view the cost of internet)

Wrapping up the week (Happy New Year!) with some random points
  • Nats are kicking the tires on Javy Vazquez.  I'll never put down a cheap deal, especially a cheap minor-league deal that doesn't necessarily eat up a roster spot for any time. Pitching depth can never hurt. 
  • Don't misread yesterday's column.  I'm not doubting Rendon will be a decent major leaguer, just that he'll be an impact bat for a fullish season in the next 2 years. And if he can't be an impact bat in 2014 that poses a bit of a problem for the Nats. Do you re-configure your whole team to get him in there and let him hit maybe average for a year? Do you sign someone in a pretty damn weak, not likely to do any better, 1B class? You are trying to win it all remember. Do you re-sign Morse to a nice deal since he'd probably do ok on the FA market if he has a good year this year? I don't think the Nats want to do that. LaRoche at 2 makes all these questions moot, which is why the Nats are trying to get that.
  • Also I'd say it's likely Rendon has at least a few good years if not a good career.  Take a look at the College Freshmen of the Year.  A few of them crapped out a bit in college, but for the 11 (not counting Ackley) that were drafted high, all of them managed to put up at least a couple decent full years.  Most became good to very good players, and there are a few stars in there. Still if you are looking for an impact year from Rendon in 2013 or 2014 only four of these guys managed to get to the majors and be good that quickly, and all of them had much better stats (albiet in more games) in their first stint in the upper minors. Given that he only played 43 games last year it's better to treat 2013 as Rendon's year 1. 
  • And its good to remember that all this is hardly anything to be worried about.  The Nats are 90+ win team next year (and for the forseeable future assuming there aren't any terrible injuries or surprise busts). That's playoff good in this 2-WC world. It's hard to predict the future but at least 3 playoff appearance in the next 4 seasons would be my guess.  
  • Hey, I finished my NCBBBQ blog! If you ever wondered to yourself "How did Harper waste away the summer of '09" you finally can find out in full. 
  • Reminder I'm taking questions again at natsoftheroundtable.  It's a gmail address. 


Zimmerman11 said...

Harper... you don't win friends with salad!

It seems doubtful Javy would come to Washington... he'll probably get a better deal somewhere else, with a better chance to play. But as depth goes, he would be a really nice addition.

Ollie said...

I've heard of that Palmeiro guy somewhere before...

Dr Trea (formerly #werthquake) said...


I have officially joined the new and hotly growing "keep LaRoche (assuing for 2 years) and the Morse horse (assuming his trade value doesn’t significantly rise!

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