Nationals Baseball: Walking in place

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walking in place

The "big news" of last night for the Nats was the ESPN story that told us... well it told us nothing new in regards to Gio.  Two sources said Gio didn't receive banned substances, which matches up with what Gio said and more importantly matches up with the facts we already knew about the case. It's really a lack of news, but when you are following an investigation, even a lack of news is news.

Gio looks good mainly because it's rare in these type of investigations that things don't get worse.  They have for A-Rod. They have for Braun. They have for all those other players not originally named.

However, as the same facts seem to exonerate Gio, the same questions remain. Did Gio really know nothing about this clinic as he claims? If so, why does the clinic seem to know him? And if he's lying, why, as it seems so far that he has nothing to hide? And what about this "coach"? 

Really though, just like the story around Gio is spinning in place, so are the Nats and their fans. Nothing matters until MLB hands down their sentence (or lack there of).


cass said...

Well, the report said that those injections are used for weightloss, so I'm wondering if those drugs weren't really for Gio's dad. The wording of the article was a bit strange in that regard - and I've seen speculation that "Gladiator" might make more sense as a nickname for Max Gonzalez. And why would Gio need weightloss drugs?

Still, these new sources could confirm that every player named so far and five more definitely received PEDs but only one, Gio, did not. I'd say this is big news. I'm hoping we'll get an explanation for the discrepency between the records showing Gio receiving legal drugs and Gio saying he had nothing to do with the clinic, but I think the big thing is that we have to presume Gio's clean now until there's any evidence saying otherwise. His name is mostly cleared, I think.

notBobby said...

Could an explanation be that Max was the actual client, but Gio paid the bill? Gio could just pay for his Dad's weightloss and other bills but not actually care who he was sending the money to - and legitimately not know anything about Biogenesis even though his money went there?

Kenny B. said...

notBobby's explanation is the only one that really makes much sense to me, as it fits with every piece of evidence we have at this point. Glad to hear things are looking better for Gio. He truly is a likeable guy, and it would be real shame to see his career given the dreaded asterisk.

Froggy said...

Yup! Just like I said way back when all you street lawyers were so quick with slobbering self-righteousness condemnation to throw Gio under the bus. IF he paid for anything it was for weight loss drugs for his dad. I told you so.

Feels good…

Harper said...

cass - lines up with the story, doesn't it? (Though of course that's where they would look). For the season though you're right - the questions are there but what really matters is PEDs, not some possible lying.

notBobby / KennyB - I guess. It's hard for me to believe you could cut checks and not care or know where it's going. But I'm sure when you get to a certain level of income that can happen. And the implication from everyone on the other side seems to be "oh we know Gio, he got stuff here". Not sure just cutting check would make them say that.

I'd guess more likely he DID get stuff there (maybe just for his Dad) but figured "I didn't do anything. Let me just deny even knowing them. Hope it goes away")

Froggy - I looked back and no one was throwing Gio under the bus unless "Some of this looks suspicious, but the facts say he's innocent. Let's let this play out" is throwing someone under the bus.

Froggy said... your 'The Gio Cloud' and 'Gio 50 Game Impact' blog posts were not biased against him being innocent? C'mon man.

I know that no one WANTED to believe he was dirty, but the default assumption was that he was and he had to prove his innocence. Can you say French courtroom? The whole sports writing media assumed that he was guilty because there were other big names (previous PED users?)on the list And NO one did any journalist work on the dirtbag who ran the clinic. It was all about how all these guys are guilty until proven innocent.

Harper said...

Froggy - 'Gio 50 game impact' No way. That was just speculation. We were presented with a situation where maybe he'd miss 50 games and I looked at what that would mean. No different than if someone hurts his leg tomorrow in ST and goes for an MRI than I look into what happens if it's a worst case scenario like a MCL tear. That's not bias against him being healthy.

'The Gio Cloud' maybe but your response highlights that we are coming from two totally opposite views of this. This isn't a court of law and I don't know Gio personally so I think the initial thought that goes with this should be guilt OR innocence. It should be "I don't know". I didn't see a media (outside of Stark) saying that (and certainly not one presuming guilt and demanding proof of innocence.) Instead I saw a local media basically accepting Gio as innocent and not pressing him on inconsistencies.

We're not going to agree here if we're looking at the same thing and interpreting it in two totally different ways. So let's just agree that we're both happy it looks like he won't be suspended.

BlueLoneWolf said...

At least if we're running in place it looks like we're going to be able to get out of the starting gate without false start penalties. I'll take news backing him up as positive, considering he was actually given up as innocent by two independent sources at their own volition. That's better than waiting nervously around.

bdrube said...

Hey, look at it this way: would we rather have Gio be the ONE or one of the other 24. It seems to me that to geting to the pros and excelling in any sport you have to fill your body with all sorts of stuff that we spectators have little if any idea about. How many supplements/vitamins and whatever else do you suppose helped Bryce pack on those extra 20 lbs of muscle this offseason?

As long as the MLB rulebook says what Gio received from this clinic isn't verboten, all is well.

BenDen said...

Hey Harper,

Didn't really know where to put this but I'd rather steer the conversation away from PED speculation. If for nothing else than it's beginning to bore me.

Back to baseball - Do you think Zimmerman has the power for cleanup? If we hit Harper 3rd I don't think I'd want 2 lefties in a row, and more importantly I think Zim is better than the 5 spot.


Froggy said...

Yes, back to baseball and this particular thread...

Ok, so I'll give you the '50 game impact' piece. My frustration with the whole PED issue centers around the hypocrisy of what MLB and the news media selectively decides what is 'performance enhancing' and what isn't. And who is guilty of cheating and who isn't. Like I mentioned previously, all teams from high school sports on up to the pros inject their players with pain blocking medications and cortisone or Lidocaine to enhance their performance when injured and that's ok.

Maybe I'm the fool, but it's just nice to root for a good kid that's all.

Harper said...

BLW - I'll agree it's positive, I'm just not sure it's new news.

bdrube - Bryce is 20 at that age I think you can do anything and I'd believe it. Oh to be on the right side of 80 again.

BenDen - Sure? In all honesty, line-up construction isn't all that important. But since it doesn't matter why not do what we normally do? So does Zimm have the pop? Probably not exactly what you want from a classic #4, but the thing is no one on the team really is that guy. Zimm/classic LaRoche/last years Desmond all kind of run together. Anyone is as good as another in that spot. And I do think Davey likes to keep their bullpen working so if Bryce bats 3rd I do think Zimm would clean up.

Froggy - you're no fool. You're the heart. Every team needs a heart. Brains, Brawn, Looks, Wild Card and Heart. (for those that get the reference that's why the IASIP team never succeeds - no heart!)

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