Nationals Baseball: Sick!

Friday, May 10, 2013


that's me.

Dan Haren pitched goo... wel... fai... Look, he won all right.  He got hit pretty hard.  Lots of line drives and deep flyballs. But he got the win so concerns can be pushed back another start.  I personally don't think he's getting better, but then again I don't think he's an unsalvageable mess. He's a 5th starter nominally and in talent right now.

6-1 so far in May, a very nice leg up on the hoped for 17-11. That was factoring in a sweep vs the Cubs so we'll see if the Nats can keep it up and get those "Look out.  Here comes the Nats!" stories going.

The Nats are only 2 games behind the Braves and the Braves had their hot start (12-1) BUT they also had a longer but not quite as definitive cold streak too (5-11).  So it's not like they have been awesome and the Nats have kept pace. They're back to where they should be.

While it's nice to say the Nats have gotten it together and got their chemistry going in this recent 9-4 stretch but take note that they are 5-2  in one and two run games.  In other words, things are breaking for the Nats (and it's not like they had bad luck before - it was more neutral).  Think that's a sign of chemistry? Everyone said  last years Nats were some sort of chemistry perfection. Last years Nats were 6 games over in one-run games for the season (about in line with their W-L percentage) .  This year's Nats are already 4 games over. Not saying the Nats are going to regress back to April's W-L pattern.  I am saying if they want the last 13 games to continue they need to start hitting better because they won't win close games like this all year long.


blovy8 said...

I don't think this is where they should actually be, frankly. The half-empty glass is actually a dribble glass and the ice cube in it is plastic with a fly in it, right Harper?

This lineup looks better than that. Only Espinosa should be expected to be a poor hitter. If Werth actually starts playing again, even luck will tell you some crappy teams are going to get hammered soon to even out those 9-0 and 15-0 losses some more.

You have to admit that Haren is a pretty good post-game interview even if his explanations are about as consistent as his flyball results.

cass said...

The Nats need to start hitting better.

That's pretty much all there is to say.

BenDen said...

I'm cautiously optimistic, which is my usual MO on this blog.

I say that because our recent stretch to me looks very similar to our start last year. Low scoring, 1-run games, but still coming out on top due to outstanding pitching (especially from the pen recently) and reducing those errors slowly but surely.

Where I draw my optimism is that we're sitting 4 games above .500 and only one game back in the division and our 4+5 hole hitters are still hitting .200 on the year. If the heart of our order continues to progress back to their career averages, I see our run production pick up (possibly drastically, 5-6 runs per game rather than 3) and our season closely mimics last year

BlueLoneWolf said...

Cass's statement is seconded.

Unknown said...

Why in the hell did Davey pinch hit Tyler Moore for Roger. Granted Roger hasn't been raking like last year, but still. You take out a defensive left fielder in a one-run game. Tyler misses the pop up in foul territory that would have ended the inning (albeit Haren worked out of it). That move just seemed so dumb.
Side Note. I don't think I've ever been more frustrating than watching Haren split Espi and Des after that comebacker.

Anonymous said...

only one game back in the division

Try two.

Froggy said...

So, Moore might have All American Hollywood good looks, but he is now officially on my SL and on track to be the 2013 version of Mark DeRosa.

Question: Is Haren really $11 million better than Lannan as a #5?

jamesbotti said...

They hit pretty well last night. Espinosa, Suzuki and LaRoche is starting to heat up.

I am still VERY concerned with ZIMM....9 hits, 7 runs...not bad.

Anonymous said...

Ditto re Zimmerman. We had a post the other day about T-Mo contributing nothing. What is Zim contributing? 0.0000001? He isnt hitting worth a s--- (that's a saber metric - look it up), he cant field his position, he's a zero on the basepaths.

Zimmerman11 said...

froggy... no argument from me, i agreed w/ harper, bring up marrero!

Froggy said...

Harper, how about some stats on just how bad Storen has been this season. I haven't watched every game he has pitched, but every game I've watched he has stunk it up.

Lastly, there were two distinct strike zones for today's game. Bad week to be an MLB umpire.

Anonymous said...

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