Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - really quick

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Quickie - really quick

Could Span be traded? Could Rendon?


There you go. The Nats don't seem to be actively looking to deal anyone. They like the team as is BUT they may want to acquire a big time bat or a big time pitcher. If that's the case they know someone might have to be dealt. And they are ok with that.

Who is not on the trading block? Bryce, maybe Strasburg. There's probably a bunch of other guys they prefer not to deal (ZNN, Gio, Desmond, Giolito, Ramos) and guys they probably can't deal (Zimm, Werth) but you never know. The last thing you want to do is say "This guy is not on the trading block" then have an offer come in that you want that sends that guy out the door. So, like the Nats are doing, you don't commit to anything.

If that deal comes, I'm want you to understand something. It's extremely easy to overrate your own talent.  Here's your November warning.

"With Adam LaRoche having a bad season at the plate, do you think the Nationals will end up trading him along with possibly Danny Espinosa and others to the Rays for Price?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Who are the "others"? Rendon, Ramos, and Giolito? HAHAHAHAHAHHA


Donald said...

Overrate our own talent? Never gonna happen! BTW -- would you trade Tyler Moore for Matt Scherzer straight up? Hate to give up a young kid with pop but you'd have to at least consider it, right?

cass said...


That's nuts! You're trading several years of a promising position player prospect for just one year of Matt Scherzer. Yeah, he won the Cy Young, but do you know who won a Cy Young last year? R.A. Dickey. See how that worked out for Toronto? Same situation here. If Detroit tries to steal Moore away, I hope Mike Rizzo just says no!


Harper said...

Finally some fans with some intelligence. Maybe the Nats can trade Sandy Leon and Maya for Scherzer... although Maya looked ok after getting sent back down... and Leon is only 24 and OPS over 1000 in AAA in 2012... FORGET IT! I take it back. LEON is NOT FOR SALE! No way you are prying Maya from this team for less than PRICE! Jhonatan Solano for Scherzer straight up OR NO DEAL! (AND THAT'S BEING GENEROUS GIVEN THE CONTRACTS!!!!)

Anonymous said...

LaRoche/Espinosa/"others" for Price- what, and lose LaRoche's glove? No way man.

Wally said...

Would you trade JZimm for Jose Bautista?

Stupid fan said...

After we trade Espi and LaRoche for Price we should send Span and Storen to Detroit for Scherzer. It'll give us the best pitching staff ever!

Even better, after the Nats move Zim to 1B and Rendon to 3B, it will free up places on the field for signing Cano and Ellsbury! Best team evar!


nicoxen said...


I think there are three positions on the diamond (not including SP) where nothing is off limits:


Question: based on the potential free agents out there and their long-term viability, which free agent makes the most sense to acquire?

Expos 1983 Blog said...

Maybe we could trade Davey Johnson for some bench help? He's still under contract, right?

Anonymous said...

Rizzo would only do "LaRoche/Espinosa/"others" for Price if TB would include an ex-Diamondback in the deal.

Froggy said...

Moore for Scherzer?

Oh heck yeah, in a Duck Dynasty redneck minute! I would eat Moore's contract and even through in a bag of batting practice balls to boot.

Espi and LaRoche for Price? Are you kidding me? You would be an idiot for not doing that deal.

blovy8 said...

Looks like the Nats are re-stocking their offseason pickup basketball team by signing Chris Young again.

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