Nationals Baseball: Quick Thoughts

Friday, October 03, 2014

Quick Thoughts

Just a place to vent really

It feels like Strasburg didn't do well and he certainly didn't do great but he doesn't get much blame from me. He didn't win the game and he taxed the pen more than you'd like, but 2 runs in 5 innings... eh you should be able to win that game.

Williams didn't get out-managed by Bochy. I can come up with more things Bochy did that I didn't like than Matt did. The two things I noticed in the moment was using Stammen rather than Barrett and not pinch hitting Zimm for LaRoche. The former though - that's a coin flip. Stammen had pitched well enough overall but had a bad last outing. After the first batter, though, he looked pretty good. It's not what I would have done, but I'm not holding it against Matt.

The latter - yeah that was the wrong move. I know LaRoche got a walk, but he didn't work it. He didn't take the bat off his shoulders and Lopez couldn't throw a strike. Zimm in that position is the run-maximizing spot. Plus he goes in at 1st for LaRoche.  It just makes sense.

But really this is on the offense. Desmond was particularly anemic - creating 4 outs (2Ks) on just 12 pitches. More tomorrow AM


JE34 said...

ARGH. And Tim Hudson is 18-5 career against the Nats. ARGH.

Donald said...

Angels lost their first game and the Dodgers will probably lose theirs. Just regroup and move on. I will say that Williams made two moves that worked that I wouldn't have made. Schierholtz doubled when I would have brought in zimm. And Blevins closed out an inning when I would have brought in Thorton in that spot. I was nervous about Stammen, which was fair but Span almost caught that ball. So all in all, I'm not in panic mode. Win tomorrow and we are still in good shape.

NatsVA said...

Thanks Harper. Would it be selfish of us to ask for one of these mini-recaps after every postseason game (or as much as you can?) Just really enjoy your analysis.

John C. said...

I expected Schierholtz to pinch hit there because he wasn't the tying run. You don't use Zim that early unless he's the tying run. I was OK with that move.

Kershaw and Wainwright got hammered. I guess they're not aces.

Stras wasn't on his best - I never got a sense that he found his curve ball, and even his change was spotty. But he had enough fastball that he didn't give up a lot of hard contact. Ground balls found holes, that's all. BABIP happens. Defense didn't help either. Need a better team effort tomorrow.

Goodness, Bryce roasted that HR. That was the hardest hit ball that I've seen in person, with the possible exception of a HR that Barry Bonds hit off of Livan Hernandez in 2005 at RFK.

Nick said...

Just win tomorrow.

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