Nationals Baseball: Monday Quickie - Long Live Wieters

Monday, November 06, 2017

Monday Quickie - Long Live Wieters

He's back.  Please no anger at the guy for picking up the option. First, like 999 out of 1000 of us would do it. Second, if the team could drastically underpay a player it will. It's not a good guy being cheated here.

Fans, we tend to side with the management because underpaying is usually better for the team. But in a strict employee/employer relationship Wieters did what he should have done. The Nats were stupid. Now they pay.

There was a bit of a hope that something was going on after a "He's picking up his option" "Oh wait not yet" news cycle.  My best guess is that the Nats were trying to convince Wieters to defer some of that money beyond 2018. Of course to do that they'd have to make it worth his while, offering more and there you get to the sticking points. How much more? How far out?  Just a guess.

Wieters will be here and will be getting paid 10.5 million so he'll likely get first crack at starting. Let's hope he figures out what's wrong and gets back to his more average self.

Anything Else?

Robles was the AFL All-Star MVP. How is he doing in the AFL? He's only played 7 games (4 before being named) so you can see what a serious business this is. .261 with a a couple homers.  Anyone doing well?

Taylor Gushie (C) - nope .156  (.480 OPS)
Dacota Bacus (RP) - nope 7.36 ERA
Kyle McGowin (SP) - yes  3.00 ERA, 20 K, 0 BB in 15 IP
Jimmy Cordero (RP) - yes 0.00 ERA, 8K, 0BB, in 7 IP
Austen Williams (RP) - meh 3.86 ERA, 8K, 3 BB, 2 HR, in 11.2 IP
Kelvin Gutierrez (3b) - yes .429 with a homer
Daniel Johnson (OF) - nah .241  no homers, 5 SB but a .281 OBP

These are here solely for entertainment purposes - no one has played enough for it to really be telling you anything.

That's it - holding serve until the Winter Meetings.


Anonymous said...

moar robles, always!

I like the Kevin Long pick-up to replace Rick Schu, and I'm glad the ghost of Bob Hendley will return!!

Harper - any ideas of replacing Maddux at pitching coach?

NotBobby said...

Personally I think it was ALL boras. He hated the dialogue happening of Wieters OBVIOUSLY taking the option bc he was horrible. He wanted to say that Wieters has serious skills that stupid statheads cannot quantify and they were always going to call the player option. Just PR.

Unknown said...

Wieters==Buckner. He's the enemy 'til we win in the postseason. I'm going to boo him loudly.

Gio arguably been a bigger detriment in postseason on account of it spanning multiple seasons, but that miserable inning on account of Wieters and the umps haunts my dreams.

Anonymous said...

At least Gio's regular season work justifies his salary.

Anonymous said...

Does it seem like most players over 30 are overpaid and most players under 30 are underpaid?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 1:03: yes, because the collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the MLBPA is explicitly designed to do just that. It's a transfer from young players (who, from the perspective of current members of the players union, are "future members of the union," and therefore represent outsider interests) to old players.

Josh Higham said...

In addition to the union's incentive to prioritize pay to established players, the owners can justify underpaying young guys by claiming that the young players who are really worth more than they are paid will one day be Albert Pujols and Jayson Werth, earning stacks on stacks on stacks to be bad.

Nattydread said...

Hope thats the last time I see Pujols and Werth mentioned in the same conversation.

Josh Higham said...

*prays fervently to the baseball gods*

Froggy said...

No Qualifying Offer to Albers or Kendrick. How does that happen?

Anonymous said...

On no planet is Albers worth $17-million. Kendrick isn't worth it either - I doubt he gets $17 million over 2 years. Neither was offered a qualifying offer because both would have taken it instantly and laughed all the way to the bank.

Froggy said...

You're right Annon. I had forgotten the QO amount was so high. I do hope the Nats sign them both afterwards tho.

Robot said...

Wieters was smart to take it. He wouldn't get anywhere close elsewhere because he's awful.

G Cracka X said...

Also, QOs can't be offered to players acquired mid-season