Nationals Baseball: The world stops baseball again

Friday, August 28, 2020

The world stops baseball again

So the Nats / Phillies series ends prematurely and it ends up being a 2-0 Phillies sweep of sorts. Technically the Nats are only 2 games out of the last playoff spot. More realistically they have a big hill to climb with a lot of teams in front of them between here and there. 

Luckily for the Nats they go interleague now to take on one of the few teams who can legitimitely say their season is probably over*. The Red Sox sit at 10-21 and would need a 15-4 finish just to get to the Harper magical .500. They will likely sell. They will likely give young players a little more room to breathe. So the Nats, if they have any hope of climbing back into this thing, need to basically win them all this weekend. It's Max, Anibal and ?.  

But let's be honest again. The playoffs would be an added distraction for a couple more weeks. The Nats have a World Series in hand. So if they don't make it - it's ok.  Really I'm more concerned with Davey letting Max throw 110 pitches over 6+ for no good reason than I am with the Nats winning here. For Nats fans the bigger negative of the Phillies series is not finishing the Phillies season and instead putting them back into contention, however weak that word is defined this year. The bigger news from the series is since it sets the Nats up as non-contenders do they start trading off useful cheap pieces; Asdrubal, Josh Harrison, or young guys they might have soured on (Kieboom?). A glut of SP in the minors to throw down there and see if anything comes up would be very useful in the next couple years. You probably get a lot of Nick Pivetta types but maybe you get lucky. Even an 4.50 inning eater is worth it for the cheap fill of that #5 spot.

 OK so enjoy whatever baseball will take place this weekend (I'm sure there will be baseball) and we'll meet back on Monday to see if the Nats have stayed in it or should pack it in and if they traded anyone.

*The others being Pittsburgh and the Angels.


PotomacFan said...

Do the Nats really have any players that could bring a decent return?

Howie Kendrick: we love the guy, but this is his last year. Get whatever you can for him.
AsCab: You won't get much for him, but take it.
Josh Harrison: does anyone even want him?
Adam Eaton: I don't think anyone would want to pay his salary. Nats would have to eat some of that. But, why not give Andrew Stevenson a shot. I don't think Stevenson will ever hit in the majors, but give it one last try.
Suzuki or Gomes: any thoughts?
Daniel Hudson? Will Harris -- to expensive, he's old and he's been awful.
Anibel Sanchez?

Players that we definitely keep: Max, Stras, Corbin, Rainey, Trea Turner, Juan Soto, Victor Robles. Did I miss anyone?

Guys we definitely keep:

Matt said...

Honestly, I'd think about dealing Max. Lots of contenders need pitching, he's only got a year and a half left and I don't particularly think they're going to contend next year either. On the flip side, the "not a rental" aspect probably increases his value. While I wouldn't expect a huge haul for him, I think he's the sort of player that could get a decent return.

Otherwise, I'd probably deal anyone who's contract ends after this year (assuming a reasonable offer). Probably not going to get much for these guys but it beats nothing.

Giving up on this year would suck but at least it would be over very quickly.

Mitch said...

I'm with you guys. Outside of Soto and a few others, this is a serviceable but bland team and you didn't even mention the likes of Bonifacio, Thames and Castro. This year has always been a sideshow anyway -- even the players aren't taking it seriously as evidenced by the last couple nights. We can't even watch baseball when turning on the MLB Network for Pete's sake... *Maybe* we get real, meaningful baseball next April when everyone will be a year older and deeper into their contract. So yes, sell -- even Max. He's been such a horse but signs of wear and tear are showing.
We got our title. I'm okay with a couple semi-rebuild years during COVID if it means better results going forward.

SM said...

Soured on Kieboom?

Cautiously Pessimistic said...

The returns are going to be so awful on any of the players the Nats will be willing to give up (outside of maybe Max) that I don't really see the point in selling (or buying for that matter). Just stand pat, hope you luck into the playoffs, and see what happens from there.

The team is absolutely "blah" at this point, and most of that is due to the fact that the team is OLD. Like the average age of the infield on many nights is over 30 now that Kieboom got sent down. It worked last year, but that was the exception that proves the rule.

It's an asterisk year, just move on and plan on getting some younger talent in the offseason. I honestly wouldn't be opposed to a full rebuild at this point, hit the reset button for a year or two so you can contend again in the latter years of Soto/Robles control. Don't become the Giants

Mitch said...

Kieboom is on pace for career totals of 0 doubles, 0 triples, and 0 SB.
In all seriousness, shouldn't the dude have lucked into a double in 100+ PA?

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