Nationals Baseball: Josh Harrison is back! Woo?

Friday, October 23, 2020

Josh Harrison is back! Woo?

 Josh Harrison was re-signed by the Nats. One year, one-million, which is essentially the entry level "you are better than a minor league contract" contract.

Harrison was perfectly fine as a back-up 2B/3B/1B/Corner OF? wha? type.  His defense is decent enough that he can replace someone that is bad and be an upgrade (Zimm at first? I'd say Soto but why the hell would you ever be pulling Soto for defense. I don't care if he is a statue - like goes out into the outfield dressed in a Tanooki Suit, presses down and B and literally turns into one - he's too good at the plate. Are you insane?) And his bat was average (.278 / .352 / .418) which for a back-up 2B man is good! 

Is any of this sustainable? He probably won't hit that well but the terrible 2019 year does look like an aberration.  Expect like an 85-95 OPS+ type year (that's like below average but not enough to drive you crazy if the player has a limited role. The fielding seems more likely to continue which is a nice thing to have given that the Nats are likely to press Luis Garcia into a larger role and he was shaky on defense this year* Also given he played a decent corner OF maybe that gives the Nats a little leeway to let Eaton go and replace him with a lummox who can hit (or to take out Eaton late in games) 

Fine move. Doesn't move any needles though.

The Nats are also cleaning the house in some ways with staff. The let Chip Hale and Paul Menhart go so Davey could add some handpicked guys. Seems like we was given that leeway when he got extended. We'll see how that works. More curious is Kevin Long being let go, then brought back.  It looks like he wanted another job that didn't come free for him.

*Overall Garcia's minor league evaluations read a little like "this guy should be good on defense" with no more discussion. Given that a struggle at the major league level isn't surprising. But I also wouldn't write him off as a good defender yet.


Mr. T said...

The tanooki suit! Pressing down and B!

If you can work a Chrono Trigger reference into your next post I will have officially died and gone to heaven.

Chas R said...

LOL... love the Soto reference... and so correct as to Harrison. Ok signing, there's still a lot to be done. The WS is still on though, isn't it? Who's playing again?

Harper said...

Mr. T - Sorry but I never played it back in the day. I do own it for the DS but I also have never played it. That last ones on me.

Chas R - It's the Diggers and the Devil Dogs

Anonymous said...

I kind of disagree with your assessment of Soto's defense. His RF for 2020 was 1.90 which is pretty good. The Radio guys I listen to seem to like him too...

Harper said...

2020 was such a small sample you can't really say much. If we look at 2019-2020 his defense was decidedly average and we can argue about it but I don't see it getting better. Regardless an average fielder can be defensively replaced in late innings (but again Soto is such a good bat that you don't even replace him unless you absolutely have to - and you don't right now)