Nationals Baseball: Tuesday Ramblings

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tuesday Ramblings

Hey there isn't baseball news so I'm going to ramble today

Something you learn growing up watching TV is that all the kids you see on TV are probably older than they are playing. Sometimes a year or two, sometimes several, but it's unlikely that that 13 year old is really 13.  Why? Several reasons. Older kids are usually better actors. Older kids can work longer. Older kids have already gone through puberty so you don't have to worry about awkward transitions (see that youngest kid from Home Improvement) But on the flip side they also cast parents far younger than  they should be. Why? This one is simple. Young people are better looking. Old people look old! Yuck!

Getting to the point - when Bob Saget died it led me to look up exactly how old he was when he started Full House. This is what happens when you get older and people who remember as adults in your youth die - you start wondering about your age in comparison. Turns out he was 31.  Which is weird because in theory he had a 10 year old kid and he married his wife after college but such is the TV parent life. If we take your actual age and put it against the supposed age of the kid you have, it rarely makes sense. 

For a service to you here are some parents' ages when they had their first kid based on the actor's birth year and the supposed age of the kid (I worked backward from HS graduation episodes assuming 17 for that to give the parents the biggest benefit of the doubt I could)

Full House - Danny Tanner 21

Family Ties - Steven and Elyse Keaton 19 (Fun fact - Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter share an exact birthday)

Growing Pains - Jason Seaver 23, Maggie Seaver 17 

Who's the Boss - Tony Micelli 22, Angela Bower 27 (this sort of makes sense for a former baseball player and a woman who at least got something going business wise)

Cosby Show - Cliff Huxtable 27, Clair Huxtable 16 (this got really messed up because after the show started Cosby wanted a child already in college and seemingly successful so they added they several year older than Denise, Sondra. The actress that played her was only 10 years older in real life than Phylicia Rashad. But that was nothing special. The actor that played Cosby's Dad was only 11 years older than him)

Family Matters - Carl Winslow 24, Harriet Winslow 26- This works? I mean certainly in comparison with almost everything else here

My Two Dads - Greg Evigan's Dad 22, Paul Reiser's Dad 19.  Don't ask me why this made my list

Boy Meets World - Alan Matthews 32/30,  Amy Matthews 27/25.  This also works but you are probably wondering why the slash. Well the first season they are clearly 11 year olds in sixth grade.  In the second season they are in high school and spend four years there.  It isn't a time jump. It isn't explained. They just age them up 2 years. 

Fresh Prince - Uncle Phil 27, Aunt Viv 1 - 16, Aunt Viv 2 - 24.  Gotta guess here on Hilary because she's already in college and doesn't graduate. I went ahead and did 18 but she could be older and the parents younger. But let's at least keep Uncle Phil in the legal in some states territory.

Home Improvement - Tim Taylor 28, Jill Taylor 30. Times change. I guess. We're no longer in the time where parents had to get married out of HS and pop out a lot of kids because half would die like... the mid 1970s.

 Maybe there will be baseball news tomorrow. 


Cautiously Pessimistic said...

Hey, there was some Nationals "news": Soto's little bro flipped his commitment from the Mets to the Nats. Granted he only just turned 16 so he can't actually sign until next January, so this is akin to a college football commitment. But there are quotes from people who knew Juan at 15 that say Elian hits the ball even harder. So if the Nats land him, then clearly the Lerner's won't sign Juan because they know Elian is in the pipe...and then Elian will end up being the next Kieboom...Rendon all over again but much much worse

Harper said...

I'm not writing about a 15 yo with anecdotal scouting who isn't even signed yet unless it's someone I'm related to.

Did I ever mention this year my wife's sister's husband's sister's husband's sister's husband made the major leagues? Exciting! Basically my brother!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the news-y part is that Juan Soto, future hall of famer and current Nats star with only a few more years of team control remaining, almost certainly told his brother good things about our organization as part of this process. And therefore he (Juan) may infinitesimally be more likely than we thought a week ago to sign an extension.

I 100% agree that we'd be crazy to assume the younger Soto is going to be even as good as one of the Kiebooms at this point. The kid is not the main story here.

DezoPenguin said...

I mean, in fairness, if Elian follows his older brother's development track he's only three years away from his MLB debut, and that's closer than a bunch of our actual prospects. (Which really puts into perspective just how amazing Juan Soto really is.)

Also, looking at the ages for "My Two Dads," it makes a lot more sense now why the mom held back knowledge of her pregnancy from them. And the fact that I can remember that show reminds me of how old *I* am.

Harper said...

Anon @ 7:13 - I guess but I'll be damned if I'm going to think about it until there is actually ink to paper here

Dezo - My Two Dads is an indictment of lifetime judge appointments. Awarding custody ofa 12yo to two separate men? Insanity.