Nationals Baseball: Playoffs and the Nats

Friday, October 07, 2022

Playoffs and the Nats

 You guys know my rooting status - Yankees Yankees Yankees and twice on Sunday if it's a double header. 

But you guys aren't me and with the Nats out it may be hard to find a reason to root for a team.  So here are Nats on current playoff teams. 

Atlanta - Who can forgive you if you get behind long time Nat Ehire Adrianza? 

Mets - MAX! 

Phillies - Bryce is still there and they finally expanded the playoffs enough to get him back in. But you also like Kyle Schwarber and his couple months of amazing power.

Cardinals - No Nats and good because you don't want to root for the Cardinals

Dodgers - Trea is still there - that's part of why they got him for the extra year. Along with Daniel Hudson and Blake Treinen but both are hurt and won't be in the playoffs. 

Padres - Possibly the final survivor of the 2009 Nats Craig Stammen* and.... I think that's it. Oh wait. How silly of me.  Austin Adams though he's hurt. 



Yankees - As much as Wandy Peralta and Albert Abreu sound like random Nats relievers they aren't. No Nats.  Good. Get your 50 win stink away from my team

Blue Jays - No Nats went north of the border.  THEY ARE AMERICA'S TEAM.

Tampa - No Nats. Obviously the AL East was a bit too competitive for them

Guardians - 21 very important early season PAs for Sandy Leon

Astros - DUSTY! 

Mariners - former Nats prospect Robbie Ray is the big name but the Mariners tie for the overall win with likely the last major league at bats for Steven Souza came this year for Seattle as well as likely the last innings pitched for Tommy Milone and bringing back ring-getter Roenis Elias.

*Both Detwiler and Clippard pitched in 2022 so we'll see. They could all be gone next year and Stammen would win by virtue of making the playoffs.

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Nattydread said...

Of course the big three with ex-Nats are Philly with Bryce (and Kyle), the Mets with Max and San Diego with Soto/Bell.

Scherzer's weakness, the home run ball, amplifies with age and his loss derailed the Mets chances. They're gone now.

Phillies face a fresh Atlanta, and the Padres visit a favored Dodgers team (Both of them are in a similar underdog position to the WS Nats).

Of the still-viable ex-Nats, you have to like Soto/Bell the most this year. Max's star has faded. Rendon locked out of the playoffs on a team with superstars Trout and Ohtani. Philly is hot; love him or hate him, you can't count out Harper and they could take down Atlanta.

But San Diego is the team to root for: Long playoff-drought. David and Goliath situation with the Bums. Hungry. And the Soto good luck charm.