Nationals Baseball: Armas signed, only Ohka to go before...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Armas signed, only Ohka to go before...

before what? Well, they don't call him Trader Jim because of his great deals on cameras and video equipment. Well maybe they do, but they also like to call him that because he makes a lot of trades.

Once everyone is signed Bowden will be able to negotiate trades with everyone knowing full well the money he's saving / sending over. Will it be Sosa? I'm not sure, but Bowden knows that the one thing he hasn't addressed, or even attempted to address is star power. The impact of Griffey as an attraction, injury-prone or not, can't be lost on him. (I think it could very well be Griffey, but then again I'm a big fan of the idea of signing Larkin and trading him back to the Reds. I think it'd be funny.)

It always comes down to Tomo Ohka, doesn't it? The player Bart Simpson wishes he was.

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