Nationals Baseball: Loaiza Do-Little

Monday, January 10, 2005

Loaiza Do-Little

Just went you thought it was safe to get back in the free agent waters this news that Bowden is still interested in Estaban Loaiza pops up.

Bowden is targetting Loaiza because he is an "innings eater". This is true, but do we want those kinds of innings? Everybody and his mother baking apple pie know that 2003 was a fluke. Next year we're probably looking at a 4.50 ERA, 30 HRs or so. Fine for a #4 starter...which we have like 92 of.

According to the LA Times and other sources, Loaiza would like to get 3 years, but would probably settle for 2 years between 8-10 mill. Or so I thought, though Bowden's comments make me think Loaiza's asking for closer to 7 mill a year than 4. Maybe Bowden is just "playing the game". I would say if Bowden could get something like a 2 yr / 6 mill contract for him it wouldn't be a waste of money. He would save the bullpen some innings and just feels more dependable than the injury plauged Armas or Ohka. More than that, I'm uncomfortable with.

For all you that doubted my Estes' fears, look at the first paragraph of the MLB article "Early on Monday, the Nationals had set their sights on left-handed starter Shawn Estes" I knew it. I could feel it from day...78 or so. The real scary part - the Nats offered him more years and money than the D-Backs.

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