Nationals Baseball: Yawn of the Dead

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Yawn of the Dead

Yawn: Not much Nationals news going on. MLB has it's around the horn look at the team (vastly inferior to my own) pointed at outfielders. No real surprises here, which is bad news. We got Wilkerson and Guillen starting, that's fine and dandy. Then we've got Endy in center. They freely admit that Endy needs work (which is a bad sign in itself. MLB team sites are not known to be all that critical), pointing out his .318 OBP for the expected leadoff hitter. .318 which made him 75th in the National League in OBP last year. Sledge should be playing, maybe Church. Not Endy.

Dead: Delgado signed with the Marlins. I know we're supposed to be optimistic, but it's real hard. I can't see a way out of 5th place now. Of course 4th place was always a dream.

I'm out for the weekend. Watch Bowden for me. Maybe I should leave a ticking clock and a hot water bottle for him...

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