Nationals Baseball: A Shot in the Larkin

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Shot in the Larkin

Bowden still wants to sign Larkin (link here). That's great. Oh wait is it still October? No? Dammit.

That's right, it's January and we already signed a starter (the overpriced Christian Guzman). As I said a while back - I would have signed Larkin and seen if Macier Izturis developed. Would he have? Odds are against him being any better than Guzman, but I'd bet on him being comparable and most importantly millions cheaper. In the meantime Larkin would have provided the Nationals with leadership, a "name player" for fans, and better offense.

Guzman 2004 : .274 8HR 46 RBI or .309OBP .384 SLG (in 576 at bats)
Larking 2004 : .289 8HR 44 RBI or .352OBP .419 SLG (in 346 AB)

But that's water under the bridge. If there is 6 million that Jim feels he has to spend, there'd be far worse things to do that money than sign Larkin to a low-cost short-term contract. He'd probably end up starting by years end anyway.

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