Nationals Baseball: Bowden's Track Record (think Marion Jones off the sauce)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bowden's Track Record (think Marion Jones off the sauce)

Just some food for thought, Some of Bowden's rotations during his years with the Reds

2002: Jimmy Haynes, Elmer Dessens, Chris Reitsma, Ryan Dempster, Joey Hamilton
2000: Steve Parris, Rob Bell, Ron Villone, Pete Harnisch, Denny Neagle
1998: Brett Tomko, Pete Harnisch, Mike Remlinger, Steve Parris, Scott Winchester
1996: John Smiley, Dave Burba, Mark Portugal, Kevin Jarvis, Roger Salkeld
1994: Jose Rijo, John Smiley, Erik Hanson, John Roper, Pete Schourek

Maybe I've just chosen the wrong years. Maybe in odd years the Reds resembled the early 70's Orioles. Maybe in 1997 the Reds had a 30 game winner and I just completely screwed my point. I don't think so, but maybe.

What does this lead us to believe? If you wanted to be a pessimist you could say Bowden doesn't spend money (or doesn't spend it wisely) on starting pitching. If you wanted to be an optimist you could say Bowden generally limits contracts on pitchers (such high turnover) or had horrible injury luck.

Optimist: He seems to have no problem tossing away mediocre pitchers because they're so easy to find.
Pessimist: He seems to have no interest or skill in finding/developing good pitchers.
Optimist: He didn't have the best resources.
Pessimist: That's nice. You do realize that right now his resources aren't any better. And a monkey could have managed to develop/sign one pitcher in 10 years.
Optimist: He did. John Smiley wasn't bad.
Pessimist: John Smiley left the team in 1997. And he was average at best.
Optimist: He did trade for Neagle. He was pretty good, if oft-injured
Pessimist: He traded away Bret Boone and Mike Remlinger!
Optimist: Hey limit this to starting pitching please.
Pessimist: Why I oughta...

From his work so far I'd side with the pessimist, but there's still time.

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