Nationals Baseball: Mexican Jumping (to Conclusions) Beans

Monday, January 24, 2005

Mexican Jumping (to Conclusions) Beans

Franco signed! Sanchez signed! And not with us! (Not that there was ever any interest - but you never know)

A bunch of Nats players are working out the kinks in Hispanic Winter Leagues. I'd be the first one to take a shot at Guzman for his poor play, but these stats really don't mean anything. He could be trying a new stance, working through an injury, in a slump, or yes, overmatched in the equivalent of Double A ball. I'm just happy to see our players get some more reps at bat or on the mound. I think it helps. I don't look at these stats to give us any info about how these guys will perform this season. So hit .100, hit .500, I don't care.

I will mention how it's kind of weird how the author seemed to need to justify the Guzman signing while quoting Dominican Winter Ball stats. (a little bit too for Guillen).

I also don't like that the Nats are possibly still evaluating Vargas as a possible starter. I didn't see anything last year that made me believe he'd be a competent middle reliever, let alone a starter. His control is questionable, and he gives up too many long balls. Take out his best month and you got a guy who had given up runs in 60% of his appearences as a reliver. (yes, it's not fair to take out his best month BUT I watched the month and I never felt comfortable with him. Turns out the stats bear that out. He had 26 baserunners in 17 innings and only gave up 5 runs. Taking out a disasterous outing - he still had 18 baserunners in 15.1 innings and only gave up a run. He was this close to blowing games open 3 or 4 times here. When you only appear 10 times a month...that is, how you say, not so good.)

Patterson has better stuff (if you haven't learned already - I'm a big Patterson fan), and Rauch is a better pitcher. I don't see any reason Vargas should be starting.

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