Nationals Baseball: Milestones or Millstones

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Milestones or Millstones

Tonight the Nats could draw under 10K for the game. Before today they had never gone below 11,000 (officially of course). Maybe Stan can call up some Philly fans to see if they want to check out J A Happ?

Tonight the Nats could also fall below the Cleveland Indians in the standings. (Ok it could have happened the last few nights too) Not really indicative of anything but I do remember earlier in the year some taking great glee in the fact that Manny was doing worse in Cleveland than the Nats were doing. I guess they felt it validated their dislike of Acta in some way.

Lannan pitches - you know how I said he needed three shutouts to get his ERA under 4.00? Well, if he's going to get one this Astros team is probably the best bet. Go John, Go!

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