Nationals Baseball: The rebirth of Lannan

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The rebirth of Lannan

Don't you just love that guy? He threw another good game last night, a low K game (3 over 7) but another low BB game (1) and only 2 XBH. Pitching is complex, but understanding it is easy. Strikeouts are very good. Walks and homers are very bad. If you can control 2 of the three you should be successful.

Since he came back on the first of August, John has easily been the Nats best starter. It's not even close. Looking at the stats that's both good to see (for Lannan) and completely disheartening (for everyone else) In August there was at least a resepectable competition. John had a 3.25 ERA, but Zimmermann, Livan, and Marquis all had ERAs of 4.50 or lower. That's not fantastic, but considering it's only a month we're looking at - really it's only the difference between one off start for Lannan and one decent start for one of these other guys. In September though it's much much worse. Lannan leads with a 3.04 ERA. The next best starter this month has been Livan with a 5.70 ERA. That's right. The Nats #2 starter in September is carrying an ERA of almost 6.00. The rest follow, Maya (6.32), Marquis (6.57), Zimmermann (9.00), Olsen (11.74). Granted there are still a couple starts left in here and much like August it would only take one good one to make a big dent in the ERA, but still, this is pathetic right?

If it weren't for Mr. Brow (Call Mr. Brow, cause that's his name. That name again is Mr. Brow) the Nats would be in complete free fall.


Basil said...

So who's the Brow King?

Harper said...

Not sure, but if the Nats were to get him on this team, well not even God could stop the Nats.