Nationals Baseball: I'm back

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm back

Let's Go Yankees!

Oh the Nats...

I'll expound more this week but here are my initial post-season Nats thoughts

They will let Adam walk, offering him slightly below what they should, leaving fans with just enough room to complain.

They will get Carlos Pena. Rizzo loves the guy. I'm not sure anyone else does

I have no idea how they'll get an ace to lead the staff without dealing Strasburg or Bryce, which they won't do.

I also think "ace to lead the staff" is code for "Brandon Webb"

"Grinding out at-bats" and middle of the order screams overpaying for Jayson Werth

"Grinding out at-bats" and top of the order screams a trade with the D-backs for Chris Young or Justin Upton. Crazy thought : Threeway with the cards - D-backs get Storen and Rasmus, Cards get Johnson and Espinosa, and the Nats get Upton and Webb. Like I said - crazy.

If the Rizzo wants to grind-out more at bats, why is he letting Dunn go?


Donald said...

I think you touch on something that's going to be painful about this off season. In order for the Nats to get anyone good, they're going to have to give up someone we all like, such as Storen or Espinoza. We can't just trade Harris or Kennedy and expect to get much back.

So who on the squad do you think is untouchable? You mention Strasburg and Harper. Clearly, Ryan Zimmerman is too. How about Jordan Zimmermann? Burnett? Espinoza or Desmond? Would they trade Ramos and go back to hoping Flores recovers?

Harper said...

Well the Nats can't trade Harris and Kennedy anyway because they'll be free agents but I get your point. The Nats are not flush with talent - young or old - so trades will have to hurt in some way.

Who is "untouchable"? I think you named them - Strasburg, Harper, and Zimmerman. I do think Desmond is close though - they seem to love him beyond what he's earned so far. Everyone else could be dealt in an imaginable deal. I think Ramos could be dealt if Norris looks especially strong in the Fall League. I don't think Flores is thought of in the succession line right now.

Wally said...

On your trade, I am blanking on Johnson. But Webb is a FA, I think. But Storen and Espy for Justin Upton? Sign me up.

I also think that they may make a run at Ellsbury. Not sure who it would take - maybe Ramos + a bullpen guy? Also could see Shields or Garza on the market, with a lot of competition, especially for Garza. Not sure that the Nats have enough to get something done if it involves some meaningful beyond salary.

But if they make a trade for a quality player, it has to involve either Espy or Desmond, right?

Harper said...

This is why you say things like "initial thoughts". I can be wrong all I want. Nats should trade fro Webb and Cliff Lee!

Johnson is Kelly Johnson the 2nd baseman, he's not under contract for next year but he's arb eligible.

If the Nats truly want a front-line starter I have a hard time believing the deal won't START with Desmond/Espinoza + Ramos/Norris.

Wally said...

I agree, but do you even think it gets it done? Espy/Ramos for Billingsley? I think Dodgers say no. I mean, Ramos brought back Capps, a 2d tier closer, and Espy still has hitting questions. And Grienke? It is just hard to see them putting something together. Harper can't be traded until August, Stras won't be traded, and I just can't see a Storen, Desi, Norris package getting it done.

Tampa has pretty clearly flagged that payroll is coming down, and Shields seems out of favor. Might be a chance there. Tampa may also be more willing to go down to A level with Eury Perez.

Donald said...

I hope they keep Espinoza, even more than Desmond. I think Desmond hits for more power, but Espinoza's defense it really, really special. But that's the really hard part about being a GM. I want to keep all the young stars and trade for top talent. Sucks to be Rizzo, I guess...

Harper said...

Wally - I think it can get done but you're talking about a boat load of prospects or perhaps (depending on their FA strategy) including say... Willingham in a deal.

Donald - all we ask is that our GMs build for the future while winning now. Why is that so hard?

Matt said...

While we're talking about trade pieces, why doesn't anyone mention Morse? I don't think he could command anywhere near the price of Ramos/Desmond/Espinosa, but I'd guess he's established some value for himself, and still has 3 years of team control left. I'd think an AL team which could use him for a DH or somewhere looking for a 1B could see some value in him. I think the Nats could give him up more easily than most. Of course, it would definitely have to be part of a package.

Harper said...

I think because his age makes him not a prospect and for all the talk about what a nice surprise he was, it still only was a half-season. He's a minor part of any deal - not a major one. Plus if Dunn goes it's almost necessary to hang onto Morse - at least until another OF is signed - so that keeps him from being brought up in a deal. But you're right in that he could be dealt. He's good enough to warrant some interest and not a future key.