Nationals Baseball: New Uniforms : Greatest Thing Ever or Too Little Too Late?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Uniforms : Greatest Thing Ever or Too Little Too Late?

It's gotta be one or the other, right?

Steinberg over on the Bog, reported that changes are coming on the 10th.

The speculation has been for a while that the home uniforms are making a change from the beveled block to script like the away uniforms did. For reference, courtesy of, the road uniforms went from this to this. Since Day 1 the Nats home uniforms have looked like this. It seems pretty certain that this will be the case so the question becomes what else will change?

The numbers, which if you noticed, remained beveled blocks on the away jersey (somebody got a deal on number appliques, I bet). If there is no more text of that type being used, I'd expect those to change on both jerseys. Probably something simple like the non-beveled block of the old Senators unis. (though if it were up to me I'd go with the number style of the original Expos jerseys) Of course if the are using old Senator uniforms as a guide their are other, more radical options are available. Blue Pinstripes? The nameless fronts with W on their sleeves associated with the only World Series champion DC ever saw? A return to the simple block "W" (which would probably mean a hat change as well)? I think it looks sharp, but doubt they are going for something that dramatic. (especially given the Curly W on the invitation on the Bog)

The main logo will also probably change as that is beveled block as well, and the same goes for the interlocking DC alternate logo. Man they loved that look, didn't they? I see big changes happening people.

Although it was unique, I never really liked the current look, so I'm not sad to see it go. It's not like there are a plethora of good memories associated with it. Can the Nats screw it up? Sure. Remember Screech 2.0? They could build it around the too busy "DC flag" alternate logo. Or it could look like an All-Star Game batting practice jersey. But we're really stretching if we think the Nats are going to do that. Really the only way to screw it up already happened. They should have introduced new unis to go along with the new stadium. But they didn't, so one has to hope they are introducing these to go along with an expected push toward decency. The old uniforms are for "losers"; the new ones are for winners. Of course if that's the case there better be those big free agency moves / trades because they aren't going to be winners without a couple more very good players, new uniforms or not.


C Gatz said...

I don't know if you follow the capitals at all but they are trying to follow what they did step by step, changing the uniforms after enough people have bought your star's jersey(ovechkin in the caps case Strasburg in the Nats case) its like Leonsis wrote a how to run a major sports team for dummies and they are following it.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this will be putting lipstick on a pig. In 3-4 years if they start going to the playoffs, then they will change uniforms again. It is a profit ploy, and given the product on the field, it is one of the easy things to do.

Harper said...

Gatz - While I wouldn't put it past the Nats, why wouldn't they wait another year or two and get all those people buying "Bryce" jerseys too? Unless they plan to change the uniofrms again... those diabolical bastards!

Anon- 3-4 years is really short for a major change, but I could see it done again before the decade ends.

Unknown said...

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