Nationals Baseball: Bryce Update

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bryce Update

The Fall League is over and how exactly did Bryce do? Well if you were just following AFL coverage you'd feel like he hit 30 homers in 15 games while batting .800 but here's the back of the envelope final line:

.333 / .395 / .590 1 HR, 8 RBIs, 13 Ks in 39 at bats.

The Arizona Fall League can be a hitters league. Despite the impressive line Bryce would only 14th in average and 10th in slugging if he had enough at bats to qualify. But let's not kid ourselves, that's very good. The only concern at all is that strikeout number. That's real high as well. That's going to be the question for Bryce as he starts his trek toward the major leagues. Will the pitching ever catch up to him so that he doesn't make enough contact?

The fact he did so well in the AFL suggests A ball won't be an issue. The fact that he's 12 and super excited about the third installment of the Transformers franchise means that he's got plenty of time to make adjustments and still be a prospect. Like 5 years or so. Barring some late in life David Robinson esque growth spurt putting him at an awkward 6' 7" or something the odds are in his (and the Nats) favor.


Wally said...

I think that is right, his stats and general scouting reports have to be very encouraging and support the hype. The ABs I saw in the televised game didn't look so hot, though - seemed like he kept swinging at everything, especially low inside breaking balls.

It will be interesting to watch him over a full season when the spotlight fades and see how he adjusts to pitchers who get to face him multiple times. In some respects, it might be better to give him a full year at Pot in 2011, and then harrisburg in 2012 so that he can face pitchers who get to know him and make adjustments, rather than rush him through different levels each season.

Wally said...

What do you think the Huff (2/$22m) and Martinez deals (4/$50m) indicate about Dunn's market? I think that he is going to struggle to get 4 years, especially now that the Tigers are out (presumably).

Harper said...

I like that plan for Bryce but where he is will depend totally on how well he dominates. I doubt the Nats are going to rush the kid in any case.

I think that the Martinez deal (if true) could push the White Sox so 4 years may not be off the table just yet.