Nationals Baseball: Fire Jim Bowden out!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Fire Jim Bowden out!

FJB might be shuffling off this mortal coil, and by "mortal coil" of course I mean "blogging about the Nationals on the internet". While I won't believe it for sure until Spring (stopping blogging about baseball in Novemeber is like quitting cigarettes when your hands are away for cleaning. What? That's a bad simile? Maybe, but it's not about me and my blog people! It's about FJB! Let's focus here.) he seems pretty serious so say toodles over there.

If anything FJB will end with a 100% blog name success rate.


Positively Half St. said...

It is sad to get nostalgic about early Nats blogs going by the wayside, and I truly believe FJB will come back like Capitol Punishment did, periodically blogging when he can't take something Boswell says without a response. Still, I have to remember that when (not if, please) the Nats are finally contenders (Expect It!!!), there will be a blossoming of fan blogs, and we can join all the newbies in year-round discussion.

Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts.


Hoo said...

Basil, Needham, FJB, natsfarm...It's a wasteland of quality Nats blogs from the good ole bad days. Where have you gone Jim and Manny?

Goes to show how soul sucking the Nats have been the last few years...And also how the Nats are much more boring now that they're pedestrian bad instead of bone chilling bad. Average teams making no stupid moves aren't as much to follow.

Yeah, Harper for sticking around despite having he weirdest schtick for a Nats blog (yankee fan in the research triangle who rarely sees Nats games).

Softball Girl said...

Any tips on what blogs can replace FJB and NFA Harper? Are there new ones out there us old timers are missing?

Ever think of adding a link sidebar yourself?

Hoo said...

Softball girl: NFA can't really be replaced but is pretty good.

Harper said...

1/2 st - The funny thing is even with the loss of blogs there are still probably 10-12 Nats blogs posting nearly daily IN THE OFFSEASON. The numbers are good at least and yeah, when they get better there should be a little bump, but there is plenty out there now.

Hoo - I think my shtick makes it easier for me - soulless outsider robots can always find some interesting tidbit or stat to write about. Those whose postings come more from caring about the team, how do you keep that up when the team gives you nothing to evoke any sort of emotion?

Softball Girl - I've think about link lists constantly. I should do it, but I don't want to because then I feel the need to maintain them. Did I leave someone out? When do I drop a blog that isn't posting. Shouldn't I just be listing those that I actually read? Maybe I'll do a round up post soon though of everything I know to be available. and Hoo is right helps satisfy the NFA craving, not full satisfaction yet more like a halloween sized snickers, but it's pretty unfair to hold them to the NFA standard.