Nationals Baseball: A clarification and a nightmare

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A clarification and a nightmare

Just to clarify I DO think Rizzo and the Sha Na Nats are trying to get better. I may not agree exactly with what they are doing, but no one can argue that they haven't gone after one player after another that would make the team immediately better. What I was saying though is that a team with the stink of consistent losing can't be picky and choosy about how they get better. They need to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them. They had an All-Star caliber first baseman that was ready to re-sign with the team despite their losing. They needed to make that happen first and build off that.

Here's something to ponder:

Thursday April 7th - Nats vs Marlins (righty pitching)

LFCF - Bernadina
SS - Desmond
3B - Zimmerman
RF - Werth
LF - Ankiel
1B - Kotchman
2B- Espinosa
C- Pudge

and on the mound JD Martin!

Whatcha think? 8K?


Anonymous said...

Well personally I would put someone in center field.

Wally said...

Other than playing two LFs, I agree that there is little attendance and lots of channel surfing with that team (although if Martin is pitching that early in the season, that is a whole other problem). 2-3-4 is the only thing worth watching. And while I think that they will end of better than that, it can't be dismissed as a possibility.

I agree with your premise, but I am kind of over the Dunn loss. Losing him was ok if they kept going on reshaping the team. But no other OFer, no known replacement at 1B and playing two acceptable SS options in the infield - meaning that they have a subpar offensive 2B with still other holes in the lineup. That is the more troubling part, so far.

But I am going to keep giving Rizzo some time. It really does seem different from the past (to me) and I think that they are just having sticker shock at what the mediocre guys are getting - $10m for Lee? 3/$33m for Pavano? Those numbers seem like the worst kind of spending.

Anonymous said...

I'm not done with Dunn, so I appreciate your pointing out to what to me is obvious. I am getting anxious to see who is going to be playing 1B, as option after option disappears. If we can't score someone good at a reasonable price I'd still like to see how Morse would do there, especially since the OF is getting rather crowded.

Bryan said...

I don't think Werth goes in the 4 hole. I know Philly has Howard, but if I recall correctly, Werth either didn't like 4 or didn't hit well from 4. I don't think they used him in the 4 when Howard was out.

The one knock on Werth was that his clutch hitting numbers weren't so good; so there is that, as well.

I think Zimm probably is 5 and Werth either 3 or 5.

Donald said...

That's the worst case look. What's the best case?

CF - Morgan
SS - Desmond
3B - Zimmerman
1B - D.Lee
RF - Werth
LF - Bernadina
2B - Espinosa
C - Ramos
P - Pavano

If Espinosa and Ramos hit, that could be a pretty decent line-up.

Shipsa01 said...

P: Webb?

Harper said...

Anon/Wally - fixed

Wally - I agree Rizzo deserves more time, I'm just starting to see no way this team isn't set up to do worse next year (or at least have a record that is all or nothing dependent on young guys developing)

Anon- If they can't wrangle LaRoche or Lee at a decent price I think Morse is a better option than a Kotchman type

Bryan - ok. so 4th is... Morse?

Donald - I like Morse better than Bernadina but yeah that would be the best. It's not a terrible line-up but what hurts is the "coulda" scenario


Desmond getting a TON of fastballs infront of those 4 should be good. That's a lineup that could be dangerous if Morgan can get on base and either of Ramos or Espinosa is any good

Anonymous said...

They didn't have a all star caliber first baseman. They had an all star caliber power hitter. Big difference. And by the way, he hasn't been an all star since 2002. I liked Adam Dunn. A lot. But I'm on board with the idea of a more athletic team, and that means we need a much better first baseman.

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