Nationals Baseball: Wait what?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wait what?


Confusion! Perplexity! Bamboozlement! I am completely without bobulates!

The Nats traded Josh Willingham, early, for a decent reliever prospect and an old OF prospect? I need to look at this closer. Update (and a 68 win season) soon.


hoo said...

Well it's time to see what Justin Maxwell can do. we simply need to see more K's.

Bizarre deal as i think Wham would have been worth more in june right?

Either that or not much value in him.

Harper said...

it's a gamble with his age and injury history to wait until sometimes later in the year - but not this much of a gamble, I would think.

Wally said...

I agree with your post, it is a confusing trade for me. I defer to Rizzo on whether the prospects are worth it, but it looks like he traded a productive bat at or slightly past his peak (from a lineup that needs bats), for a reliever and a prospect. So the 2011 value prop is in the A's favor, right? That doesn't make sense to me in the context of the Werth signing. I know that the 7 year contract means that he wants Werth around when they really get good, but it has to mean that they expect to get better immediately, right? This trade goes the other way.

The other conclusion that I draw is that Willingham never had the value that I thought that he should have. To me, he is 95% as good as Bay, yet that isn't how he is valued.