Nationals Baseball: Me and Matt Chico off for the weekend

Friday, March 04, 2011

Me and Matt Chico off for the weekend

In case you had any Chico hopes, forget it. He's roster trimmings. (Martis too)

Out. Sees ya Monday.


Todd Boss said...

Question about your blogger software (Chris Needham pointed this out on twitter yesterday too).

I get double posts from this blog. One says its coming from "Oleanders and Morning Glories by Harper" the other from "from Nationals Baseball by Harper" yet they both seem to from the exact same URL.

Did you merge the "Oleanders..." blog somehow with this one?

Todd Boss said...

Think i fixed it; I deleted the RSS Feed to your old link and the double posts went away. Its weird that the direct link to it fails ( but it seemed to still be serving your posts.

Donald said...

That Ross Detwiler tattoo is looking better and better.

Harper said...

Donald - I'm all about the Detwiler - helps my rotation guess.